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Set the **Exposure** slider to plus or minus one stop from middle gray for drastic image contrast; use this in areas where the shadow and highlight areas of the image exceed one stop.

The **Fill** slider can be used to add or replace areas of the image with a color, including the sky in a photo of a city.

The **Blend if you need to soften an image for e.g. a baby or modify an existing image. The** **Blend** **slider works by creating an adjustment layer with multiple adjustment layers stacked upon it, and then blending between them with a single slider that allows you to adjust the opacity of the adjustment layer (see** **Figure** **12-10** **).** Adjusting the opacity of this layer allows you to blend the changes from each adjustment layer on the filter layer.

Figure 12-10: Blend is often used in photo image retouching to soften or remove edges.

Figure 12-11 shows the Hand tool used with the Brush and pencil tools to create a gradient, smooth the contour of the smile, and edit the reflection.

The **Brush** tool can be used to create a smooth gradient, fill an area, or create a “retouch” that can be erased with a soft eraser.

The **Pencil** tool is great for smoothing skin, feathering for refinement and to create smooth and soft lines.

The **Corrective** tool is used to blend edges, change the contrast, soften areas, and remove dust, scratches, and other imperfections.

The **Eraser** tool is used for erasing and correcting with a hard brush (as if with a pencil) for details that have been missed.

The **Liquify** tool is used for transforming images or for creating a glassy smooth texture (a “pearlescent” effect), and it’s also great for adding grain to a photo or enhancing the texture of an image.

The **Eraser tool** can also be used for adjusting areas and smoothing sharp edges by using the Eraser control to soften the edges.

When you have a cluttered image, you can select multiple areas that you want to fill with a single color and then use the **Magic Wand** tool to select all the areas that belong to a single color. You can then create an adjustment layer to adjust the color-filling of the entire image.

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As a matter of fact, Photoshop Elements is no less than a Google Photo competitor.

We collected 20 of the best free Photoshop alternatives which you can use to do all that you do in Photoshop.

1. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is an open-source, professional quality photo editor available for both Mac and Windows. You can run it directly from your browser, and it’s free to use. It can also be installed on a computer.

Easily create and edit photo effects for your photos. Use the brush tool to blur, colorize, sharpen and lighten/darken your photos. Work with a variety of powerful tools to adjust, repair, transform and create details in your photos. Want to remove elements from a photo, change the background, add lighting and adjust the colour? You can do all that and more with Affinity Photo.

How to install Affinity Photo on Windows

How to install Affinity Photo on macOS

Affinity Photo is licensed under the GNU General Public License. It supports all Creative Cloud Libraries and Adobe-licensed plugins and assets. Affinity Photo also supports macOS High Sierra but due to a bug in Nvidia’s drivers it is likely that you will not be able to use all of the features of Affinity Photo.

Free for personal use: Start your free trial

For commercial use: Get a 30-day trial

2. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is an image editing app that can be accessed from a web browser or installed on your computer. It has been ranked as one of the best graphic design software on

Pixelmator has three purposes: it’s a powerful graphics editor with features such as selection, layering and transform; a versatile photo editor which can either edit RAW images or apply adjustments to JPGs; a quick app for creating graphics, logos, icons and animation.

How to install Pixelmator on macOS

How to install Pixelmator on Windows

Pixelmator is a 100% open source app. It can be accessed from a web browser or installed on a computer. It uses a technology called Applescript to convert images and also works with a wide array of digital camera files. It is also an excellent app for those who like to create graphics and logos because there are a wide range of tools and effects to be used.

Free for personal use: Start your free trial


Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.3.1) Keygen


How to transfer content from a table to a linked table using javascript?

Hi all I have created two different tables one with product design and the other with accessories. I want to transfer content from the first table (tbl_design) to the second one (tbl_accessories) in order to include some data. I would love if someone can help me with a short and clean code.
Below the code that I have tried:

$(‘tr.myClass’).on(‘click’, function () {
type: “POST”,
url: “inc/insertinclues.php”,
data: “tbl_design_name=”+$(this).children(“:first-child”).html(),
success: function(data) {
error: function(data) {


I assume you want to copy some of the rows from your source table to your destination table.
You can iterate through every row in your source table with a for() loop, and copy the value of the 4th column into your destination table.
for(var i=0;i

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System Requirements:

* Internet Explorer 6 or later
* Mozilla Firefox 3 or later
* Apple Safari 3.2 or later
Mac OS X or Linux
* Firefox 3 or later
* Safari 3.2 or later
The following are minimum system requirements for the game client:
* CPU: 1.4GHz or faster
* Memory: 256MB or more
* OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later
* CPU: 2.0GHz or faster
* Memory: 512MB or

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