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In Chapter 9, I recommend GraphicNovel (, an online resource for graphic designers for comics and animation. This site allows anyone to create comics with their own Photoshop images.

Edge design

Power users of design programs, such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, need to prepare their artwork before printing or publishing.

Understanding the basics of vector and raster art, you can create your own work in these programs for printing on posterboard or CD covers. In order to properly apply Adobe stock covers, you need to understand both the vector and raster art components.

Adobe stock art is generally created as vector images, but the online library doesn’t allow you to crop them. Additionally, InDesign doesn’t allow you to print stock art on its own. You can find stock art image requirements for InDesign in the online help (

Therefore, you need to use Photoshop to create the stock art, saving it as a raster image that Adobe stock will print. Many books are available that teach you how to use Photoshop to create artwork and then to save it as a stock art file. You can also view stock art on the Creative Resource Center at .

Workflow tip: Create the final image at a high-res pixel size in Photoshop first, then convert it to a vector image by choosing Image⇒Mode⇒Rasterize.

Understanding layers

Layers are effectively a computer screen where you can arrange objects. To use layers for creating artwork, you must understand their benefits and use them creatively.

Layers allow you to perform multiple tasks at once. For example, you can create an object for a background and then place a separate object on top of it, so that you can see and work on both at the same time. You can select the layer of the background and then move and resize that object with a new, separate, saved layer. You can change its colors and then move it around the background layer, and then you can place it on top of other objects.

The following sections explore how to use layers and benefit from them.

Separating objects

Layers allow you to work with multiple objects at once, with one layer acting as a kind of “screen” for another

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The user interface of Photoshop Elements is designed to reduce confusion by making the functions of the software more intuitively understandable. This makes it more efficient and easier to use.

With the introduction of the various features such as layers and masking, Photoshop Elements still retains much of the original spirit and look of Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a photo editing application which has made many Photoshop versions look like traditional “photoshop” versions. It includes all the tools you need to create digital images, but it has a less intimidating interface.

(Image Credit: Adobe)

Image Filters

Different effects can be added to your images. They are usually applied in one of three ways:

Using the “Add Filters” option in the Filter Gallery

Creating a new image using the “Image> Apply Filter” option in the Photoshop Elements menu

Using the “Filter” option in the Filter Gallery

Adding filters is a quick and effective way to retouch your photos.

The Filter Gallery is a menu option that has many different filter options (more than 200) that may be applied to the image you are editing.

The “Add Filters” option lets you select one of the several different filter options that are available. The filters you choose affect what you see in the layer you are working on.

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right filter option for your image. This is why there are many different ways to apply filters.

Most filters create new layers, and you can use these layers to play with your image until you have the one that works best.

Applying Filters

There are a number of different ways to apply filters to images in Photoshop Elements. Let us take a look at each of them.

Using the “Add Filters” option in the Filter Gallery

When you open the Filter Gallery and select an option, it opens up a new window with one or more filter options. The “Add Filters” option lets you select one of the different filter options that are available.

In order to add a filter to an image, you must first open the photo. You do this by selecting the photo, and then pressing the button that looks like a small camera.

You then select the “Add Filters” option. This will open a window where you can select one of the different types

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How to change the title of the toolbar in Sharepoint Foundation?

I’m working on Sharepoint Foundation. I want to change the title of the toolbar from Enterprise Information Management to something else. I know that it is not possible to change it in the environment. But I want to know the way to change this in an out of the box Sharepoint farm.
Do you have any ideas about this?


You can create your own custom masterpage and then set the HeaderTitle property.
However that might affect your end users if you have unique branding for your farm.
Add the following to your web.config for the sitecollection


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