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* **Crop:** Selects a rectangular area of an image to crop.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Version 19 Crack + [Mac/Win]

What does Photoshop Elements do?

Elements is focused on ease of use and offers many similarities to the basic features of the traditional Photoshop program. Whether you are a newbie to Photoshop or a seasoned pro looking to try Elements, there is something for everyone in the Elements family.

Elements offers a lot of similar features to Photoshop including features like:

A full-featured drawing, painting, and photo-editing app

A toolset for retouching photos and applying effects

An array of professional effects, filters and styles

Lots of other basic features for photographers, designers, graphic artists, and hobbyists

Elements is perfect for people who want to create and edit images.

What are some ways to use Photoshop Elements to create amazing images?

The Elements app offers a variety of ways to edit and create images. Each method, however, has a setting to easily switch to the full version of the program for more features. Below you will find great examples of the various ways you can use the Elements app to create and edit amazing images.

The simple way to use Photoshop Elements

This is the simplest way to use Elements.

In Photoshop Elements, click on the photo in your files. Click Edit→Elements and the Elements app appears on the right. Use the tools you are comfortable with.

Adobe Elements includes basic tools that are great for beginners. The most basic tools to use are on the right-hand side. They include the Pencil tool, the Direct Selection tool, and the Magic Wand Tool.

Use the Pencil Tool to select a portion of your image to save as a new layer.

Use the Direct Selection tool to select a portion of your image and quickly make a new layer.

Use the Magic Wand Tool to select a portion of your image and quickly make a new layer.

Use the Clone Stamp Tool to fine-tune the selected portion of your image.

Once you have all the layers you want in your image, use the Process tab and click on the Edit Image command. To have the image saved as a new file or used as a backup, click on the Save or Save as buttons.

If you prefer, you can use all the features of Elements to make editing the image easier and better. The following is a list of the other tools:


The Layer tools lets you create new, save, hide, and delete

Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Version 19 Crack

Category: Tools > Image Editing > Image Tools


The Optical Illusions tool is a pretty good drawing tool that you can use to create some pretty interesting images. Simply select the Pen tool and go to the tools menu where you will find the Optical Illusions option.

You can also use the brush tool or a paintbrush to select pixels. You can then hold down the Option key and click and drag to create a selection around the pixels. Then, you can drag these selected pixels over any blank area of the canvas (or image). They will turn green and will appear in the layer immediately below the Selection layer.

If you click on a pixel, it will be removed from the canvas. And if you click anywhere outside of a group of selected pixels, that pixel will be added to the canvas.

There are three main strokes you can use:

▪ Brush Stroke

▪ Scribble (drawing tool) Stroke

▪ Paint Brush Stroke

The brush stroke tool allows you to create a vector image that will behave like traditional painting. Using the brush stroke tool you can draw with the brush tool or with a selected brush.

You can choose from 8 different brush options which include the following styles:

▪ Pencil Brush

▪ Photoshop Pencil Stroke

▪ Line Stroke

▪ Grid Stroke

▪ Paint Brush

▪ Spatter Brush

▪ Scratchy Brush

▪ Scratchy Brush with lines

▪ Tip Brush (Pixel Painting)

▪ Watercolor

▪ Airbrush

▪ Ink Drops

You can create strokes by either drawing or copying a brush stroke from another part of the image. You can copy a stroke from an existing image or you can create a stroke from scratch. The stroke will automatically appear in the active layer (if it is not already active), but you can change the layer over which the stroke will appear.

Stroke Paths

You can also create a stroke path by clicking the green arrows that appear when you click and drag with the pen tool. The stroke path can be saved and later edited to duplicate and merge paths.

You can also delete a stroke path by clicking on the path or selecting it and choosing the Delete Path from the tools menu.

Selecting and Editing

You can do one of two things to

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