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Unfortunately, Photoshop can be a frustrating experience for beginners. It’s not for beginners, although it can still be useful to beginners because it makes a world of different professionals look like easy beans.

Photoshop has a fairly steep learning curve, which is probably the main reason that beginners don’t use Photoshop. For someone who is new to photography, learning Photoshop can feel like a labyrinth of menus, filters, and steps.

If you’re interested in learning Photoshop, or if you need help learning it, you’re about to embark on a journey that should be fun.

Photoshop Basic Setup

The first thing you’ll need to do is activate the Photoshop program.

Start Photoshop, choose File from the File menu, and then click Open.

Now that you’re open in Photoshop, we’re going to adjust the menu settings to make things a bit easier on you. Click Window from the File menu to open the window that controls the Photoshop interface.

You’ll see a tiny shortcut menu. The one you want to use is the Options menu, which you can open by either clicking Options near the top of the Photoshop window, or by using the keyboard command of Option on your keyboard.

Don’t forget to click the Options menu again, or use Option on the keyboard, to close the menu after you’ve adjusted the menus.

Now you have two menu options that you can use to adjust the menus. Select Help from the Options menu to display the Photoshop help screens.

Use the Help menu to display help when you need it. Click the Help menu again to close the Help menu.

The Help menu is also the exit menu for your Photoshop session. Click it to return to the beginning.

Setup the Photoshop Interface

Now you’ll get a bit of a chance to make some changes to the Photoshop interface. Use the Cmd/Ctrl + Q keyboard shortcut to close the Option menu, and then use Cmd/Ctrl + A to select All.

Now use the keyboard shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + Opt to shrink the menu and display more of the Photoshop interface.

So far we’ve made some changes to the menus, but we haven’t made any changes to the interface itself.

Clicking the Window menu at the top of the Photoshop window will expand the Photoshop window and display a number of subwindows, including the Browser, Layers, and History panes. We’re going to be using the Browser, Layers

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What tools will be covered in this Photoshop tutorial?

• Layer Masks

• Basic Image Corrections

• The Refine Edge tool

• Smart Sharpen

• Soft Focus/Grunge

• Reduce Noise

• Crop and Rotate

• Layer Styles

• Highlight Masks

• Filter and Adjustment Layers

• Pixel Masks

• Adjustment Brush

• UV Masks

• Export Options

• Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Why Photoshop?

Professional photographers use Photoshop to make their images look better.

Photoshop’s powerful image tools help to remove imperfections in photos. It’s not that everyone who uses Photoshop is a professional photographer! But Photoshop is still one of the best, most flexible graphics tools that are available.

How to use Photoshop?

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll take a look at some of the tools available in Photoshop that are useful for creating your own high-quality images.

Start by opening a photo in Photoshop. Choose File > Open. You can choose your image from your computer, a CD/DVD or a network share. Select the image and click Open.

Photoshop lets you add a background and rename your file if you want to change how it is displayed by saving the file in a new name.

You need to make sure that your photo is saved with the best quality possible, so start by making sure the image is set to 72dpi (dots per inch) by clicking on Image > Mode > 72dpi. This will make your photo look best, and gives you a higher quality file to work with.

The most basic of all editing tools in Photoshop are the tools found in the Edit menu. The main tool is the Pencil tool. We’ll use this in different ways throughout the tutorial.

When you first use a tool, it will appear in the toolbox at the bottom of the window. You can hide the toolbox by clicking on View > Toolbox.

Remember that you can also access the tools by pressing Ctrl + T.

And to close the window, click on Window > Close.

1. Click on the Pencil tool in the toolbar.

You can use the Pencil tool to work on layers and paint over or on other existing images. While holding down the Alt key,

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How to extend the ADP in Smalltalk?

I am new to Smalltalk.
I am using the Scripting library.
I would like to know the SUnit library which extends the ADP.
Thanks in advance.


Here is a link to the standard Smalltalk Ad-hoc-dialect (AD).

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SQL Server : Where clause with NULL values in where clause

I am retrieving a nvarchar(MAX) column from a table.
This column contains null and white spaces.
I am retrieving a no. of records from that column.
Lets say in the where clause i have
where col1 = 1 OR (col1 IS NULL AND col1 IS NULL)

This query will fail, because both null values are not equal to 1
is there any way I can write it without handling these null values?


As the other answers mentioned, use coalesce() instead of OR.
However, if this is an option for you, then the following should work for you (suggesting that if it is a MAX it might be nullable):
FROM yourTable
WHERE col1 = 1
OR (COALESCE(col1, ”) = 1)

But you need to be aware that, if not nullable, this will return a different count than if nullable.


I agree with David.
I have to add that you can use IS NULL AND IS NOT NULL with COALESCE.
The result will be the same as in David’s solution.
BUT you should be aware that the table is ordered in such a way that any execution plan will favor the execution of the first part.
In your example, the first part would be
col1 = 1 OR (col1 IS NULL AND col1 IS NULL)

Which in turn will evaluate to
col1 = 1 OR (col1 IS NULL)

That means if col1 is equal to 1, or col1 isn’t, the result will be the same. BUT IF col1 IS NULL then the result will be
col1 IS NULL

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