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AmibrokerAflFormulas__HOT__ DownloadFull



AmibrokerAflFormulasDownloadFull · AmibrokerAflFormulasDownloadFull AmibrokerAflFormulasDownloadFull Narrow · · Download, · Download Now, · Free Download, · AmibrokerAflFormulasDownloadFull, · AmibrokerAflFormulasDownloadFull .Iranian military in 20 years of reform will force its army to modernize, says General:

Iran’s political and military leaders today said forces will be forced to modernize in the next 20 years to combat terrorism, crime and ethnic conflicts, state media said, stressing that the army was “one of Iran’s most important weapons.”

“The experiences of the previous 20 years show that the army is a main pillar of the nation’s defense and must be modernized,” said General Ahmad Vahidi, deputy chief of staff of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps.

Vahidi was commenting on President Hassan Rouhani’s speech on military issues earlier in the day, when he said Iran’s armed forces must be modernized if they are to be an effective deterrent.

“The issues of peace, security and defense must be raised in a serious way,” Rouhani said.

The outgoing president called for cooperation between the political and military sectors of the nation.

In his speech, Rouhani said the Islamic Republic’s armed forces must be “amongst the first to wear uniforms that do not match the dress codes of today.”

He further said reforms had been made in the military sector over the past 20 years “but they are not enough.”

“The armed forces must be the first group of soldiers to wear uniform. The military’s reputation must be improved by strengthening its performance and capabilities. We will try to make them a model for other branches of the armed forces,” he added.

“The army is one of the most important weapons of our nation. The experiences of the past 20 years show that the army is a main pillar of our defense and must be modernized.”

“In the interests of the whole nation, the experiences gained from the previous 20 years will be reflected in the performance of the armed forces,” Rouhani also said.

“It is necessary to make

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