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AutoCAD PC/Windows

The distinction between CAD and other types of drawing programs has blurred over time and AutoCAD has evolved into a general-purpose computer-aided design (CAD) application. However, AutoCAD remains primarily a desktop application with a focus on 2D drafting and design rather than a 3D modeling and 3D design platform like some of the commercial CAD and 3D modeling applications available today.

How to Download AutoCAD and Install AutoCAD on Mac or PC

When you download and install AutoCAD on your Mac or PC, you’ll be running the AutoCAD LT 2017 and AutoCAD LT 2018 versions of the software. The two AutoCAD versions are fundamentally the same software, but the 2018 version is a re-branding of the previous version.

For instructions on downloading AutoCAD, installing it on a Mac, and running it on a PC, visit the AutoCAD website.

AutoCAD 2017 and AutoCAD 2018 Requirements

This is what you need to run and operate AutoCAD 2017 or 2018:

Autodesk AutoCAD 2017 or 2018 Premium Account

AutoCAD 2017 or 2018 Licensed Product


Intel (or AMD) Macs running macOS High Sierra (10.13) or later

Intel (or AMD) Macs running macOS Mojave (10.14) or later

Intel (or AMD) Macs running macOS Catalina (10.15) or later

1GB RAM (12GB for Pro)

128GB or larger hard drive

i5 2.3 GHz or faster processor

8GB or larger graphics card


Intel (or AMD) processors

64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 10 (64-bit)

2 GB RAM (4 GB for Pro)

2GB hard drive (4GB for Pro)

i5 2.3 GHz or faster processor

8GB or larger graphics card

Download AutoCAD for Mac or PC from the Official AutoCAD Download Center

The AutoCAD 2017 or 2018 download links are the same for both Mac and PC. You’ll be downloading the “autocad.dmg” (Mac) or “autocad.exe” (Windows) file. The file you download will depend on your operating system. The file you download will be of either the “

AutoCAD Crack + Activation Key

The most recent and advanced AutoCAD Crack For Windows applications, such as AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD 360 and AutoCAD Inspire, have been introduced in the current millennium. These editions are based on using a desktop version of AutoCAD, creating the drawing on screen. This allows the CAD user to be completely free from the constraint of a proprietary computer system, as is the case with AutoCAD.


Autodesk designed AutoCAD from the ground up, including the user interface and the software development. AutoCAD was originally developed by Scott Meyer on his own time and skill. The first public release of AutoCAD was 1.0, on April 15, 1987. Meyer’s design for AutoCAD was influenced by the Xerox Sigma-6 and Xerox Sigma-10D project. AutoCAD includes many design tools such as 3D modeling, 2D drafting, animation, and rendering.

Another tool used was initially named “Pogo”, then changed to AutoCAD, which was inspired by the Ballpoint pen and Poke-a-Stick. When the program was released, it allowed the user to draw on a two-dimensional surface like paper or a drawing board, but with the pen. The pen’s tip could be repositioned to create a line, an arc or a circle by giving a vector stroke direction. The original concept and name of the first version of AutoCAD referred to a “Pogo” effect, in which a drawing appears to be drawn by a drawing instrument. The Pogo design remained the case until version 9.0, at which point a new interface was introduced, and the program was renamed AutoCAD.

Microsoft acquired AutoCAD in 1992, and in 1997 Autodesk split the company into two new companies, Autodesk and Newtek.

In the 1990s, the price of AutoCAD increased dramatically as a result of poor business decisions by the Autodesk management team. This situation was further exacerbated by the additional costs of Autodesk’s increasing acquisitions, which soon became “very expensive in terms of financial and human resources”. In 1996 Autodesk issued 1.5m shares of stock (1.5%) to the company’s top executives and staff, boosting their total holdings to 6.4m shares.

On December 14, 2006 Autodesk announced that it was planning to restructure its management team, removing CEO, chairman and chief product officer

AutoCAD Crack + With Key Free [Updated] 2022

After loading the software, click on Keygen.

In the drop-down list, select the language version you want. (eg: Autocad English 2017)

Now click on Show.

Click on Generate Key.

After generating the key, click on Run.

Now copy the generated key.

Open Autocad and go to File->Import Keygen and choose the generated key.

Now click on Done.

Now you can close Autocad.

Congratulations you have successfully upgraded your Autocad 2017 from trial to full license.

Source: www.autocad2017-how-to-duplicate-keys-from-trial-version-2017


I found the same article as you. However, it told a different approach. You could use the keygen (R and F) to upgrade your license. But I think it is not the best solution because Autodesk will send a warning to the original key to upgrade.
The solution is to disable the trial feature. I am using my trial version until it is expired. You could try this way to disable it. I assume you already activated the trial version.

In the software, go to Options->Hardware.
Then under Advanced Settings->Software Settings->Disk.
You can disable it.
Then uncheck “Disk shared with Autodesk” under “Disk Sharing Settings”.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Drawing Assistant:

View and check drawings simultaneously. The app can perform several checks, such as checking your view for validity and whether all dimension blocks are displayed. This allows you to work faster and more efficiently.

Vertex Slide tool and DesignCenter:

Draw with Vertex slide tools and snap to a vertex. With the DesignCenter, you can quickly create, edit, and share common shapes such as circles, ellipses, arcs, and polygons.

Product drawings:

Import and update content from the object library from existing drawings or the web.

By using the AutoCAD app, you can also run multiuser network drawing sessions.

The app has fast and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity in the field. You can easily open the app from a camera and connect with your colleagues or clients.

Engineer Viewer:

With the easy-to-use CAD interface, you can create and check drawings by themselves.

You can easily use the dimensions of objects in the drawing.

With the Engineer Viewer, you can interact with AutoCAD, create new objects, and edit objects.


Rapidly create and edit complex drawings by utilizing the Unified Modeling Language (UML). Create associations between UML diagrams and AutoCAD objects.

DesignStudio is available in the Windows Store app. For more information about the Windows Store app, visit:

3D Analysis:

With 3D Analysis, you can quickly verify and validate 3D models. This tool provides the latest technology to check for structural flaws.

AutoCAD mobile supports a wide range of Windows 10 Mobile devices, such as the Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 2, Surface Pro, and Surface.

There are more than 30 improvements in the 2023 edition, including improved drawing tools and powerful slide tools.

What’s next in AutoCAD 2023

With the release of AutoCAD 2023, you will notice a few changes to the Command Center. The new Command Center puts all commands and settings in one place for easy access. You can quickly access any command to work faster.

What’s new in AutoCAD for Android

Manage your own copy of AutoCAD and experience its brilliance in the palm of your hands. (video: 2:47 min.)

System Requirements:

For Windows 7/8
Click Here
For Windows XP
For Mac OS X
(Official Website)
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