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In January 1987, AutoCAD was integrated with a companion desktop project management and parametric modeling software application called Autodesk Inventor. In late 2011, Autodesk released a free version of AutoCAD (AutoCAD LT) for users who do not require access to AutoCAD’s specialized features. In addition, a web-based version of AutoCAD (AutoCAD Web) has been released to the public and is available as an app for the iPad and the iPhone. AutoCAD LT uses the same software as the desktop AutoCAD, but features a simplified user interface.

AutoCAD LT has become AutoCAD’s main competitor for CAD applications. Currently, it is the dominant desktop CAD software application in the United States, with about 75% of the market share, according to a September 2013 study conducted by market research firm Gartner. However, it is expected that Autodesk’s Inventor will continue to gain market share over the next few years, due to its integration with AutoCAD. In addition, users who require parametric modeling capabilities are currently being lured away from Autodesk’s AutoCAD into Inventor.

History AutoCAD was originally developed in the 1980s by a team of individuals at the T.H. Systems Corporation (later Autodesk), a start-up company formed by a group of former T.H. Systems employees. Early versions of AutoCAD were named NCRANS and were written to run on the non-relational, non-networked T.H. Systems operating system NCRAN, which was developed specifically for the T.H. Systems NCRAN Station.

NCRANS used a “two-dimensional data model” called “LINES”, which consisted of a set of three-dimensional lines that describe the shapes of the components and assemblies of a drawing. All objects, such as text, lines, and arcs, were contained within these three-dimensional lines. The central idea behind AutoCAD was to make the design process quicker and easier to complete.

The first version of AutoCAD was released in December 1982, and was made available to the public on January 17, 1983. In the early 1980s, computer-aided design programs were commercially available for the mainframe and minicomputer computer platforms. The prices of these programs were extremely expensive, ranging from $20,000 to $50,000 per seat

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AutoCAD Cracked 2022 Latest Version was first released for DOS in 1989 by Autodesk. In May 1998, a year after the introduction of Windows 95, Autodesk introduced AutoCAD R14.1. It was the first major release of AutoCAD since AutoCAD R12 in 1995. Autodesk also introduced a fully integrated computing environment in AutoCAD.

AutoCAD R14 was the first version of AutoCAD to include a global viewpoint function called Glue Viewpoint.

In 2001, AutoCAD R18 was released. It was the first release of AutoCAD to support Windows XP and OS X. AutoCAD R18 introduced the following new features:

Additionally, in August 2001, AutoCAD was released as a 32-bit version for both Windows and OS X.

In 2002, AutoCAD R19 was released. It was the first version of AutoCAD to include components. The components provided new functionalities in 3D with the release of the 2003 version.

AutoCAD R20 was released in October 2002. It included many improvements, such as 64-bit functionality for Windows and Mac OS X, automatic drawing package verification, larger drawing files support, and improved support for linked files.

AutoCAD R21 was released in June 2003. It included many enhancements, such as vector drawing, HDR (high dynamic range) drawing, easier importing and exporting from DWG, and improved rendering. It was also the first version of AutoCAD to support 64-bit Windows operating systems.

In December 2004, AutoCAD 2004 was released. AutoCAD 2004 was the first version of AutoCAD to support multi-view drawing as well as improved drawing package validation.

AutoCAD 2005 was released in July 2005. It included a number of new features and improvements, such as swiveling a viewport by dragging it. AutoCAD also introduced the dual command line interface, which enabled users to run a program in the background while using the software interface.

AutoCAD 2006 was released in March 2006. It included improvements in modeling and visualization, and an improved command line. It was the first version of AutoCAD to support Windows Vista, and the first AutoCAD release to be available for Windows 7.

AutoCAD 2007 was released in May 2007. It introduced the Windows Aero interface, which was designed to work with Windows Vista.


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Most efficient way to remove all substrings with a specified length using one of every character in a string

I have a list of strings, and I want to remove any substrings in it that consist of a sequence of one character followed by another character. For example, the strings “apple” and “appley” should be returned, while the strings “apples” and “ppapple” should not. (The substrings may contain whitespace.)
What is the most efficient way to do this in Perl? I would like it to be fairly short and general, and I’m willing to use any solution that is relatively simple to understand.


You can do it with a regular expression like this:
(\w) # match any single character
(?:\1{2}) # match exactly 2 of the matched characters

If you put a \Q before the start of the string it should work on any type of text that it is given.
If you have to remove substrings of a specific length you can use
(\w) # match any single character
(?:\1{2}) # match exactly 2 of the matched characters
(?:\1{3}) # match exactly 3 of the matched characters


There’s the

and, in Moose, the
override truncate => 2

methods to get you started.
However, it seems a bit complicated to me… how about this?
sub toAll {
shift =~ s/[^\w]\w//g;
return shift;

That will work for all strings, including whitespace. The overriden truncate gets rid of truncate and the g global modifier applies to everything, so we only need to match one character (since each character is 2 characters) and then replace it with nothing.

Pituitary apoplexy: a review of 11 patients and review of the literature.

What’s New In?

Create your own markup with AutoCAD markup tools. No software or special training is required. (video: 2:10 min.)

Quickly draw in your own style and even create layers in a layer style (video: 0:50 min.).

Revit Integration:

Send 2D views to Autodesk Revit and take advantage of its powerful capabilities. (video: 2:40 min.)

Consolidate and control project schedules using a workflow that automatically aggregates schedules to benefit your project team. (video: 2:05 min.)

Create Revit models from your AutoCAD drawings. (video: 1:20 min.)

2D CAD enhancements:

Bidirectional error checking allows you to detect and correct 2D CAD issues before a project is printed.

2D CAD enhancements add powerful new capabilities to AutoCAD, including the ability to edit and format CAD text.

About this release

AutoCAD is the most widely used and best-selling 2D CAD software in the world. AutoCAD LT is a fast, free, software platform for 2D drafting and technical illustration designed to help you make fast, accurate drawings and easily prepare your designs for 3D printing and part assembly. With its 3D integration, 2D editing, and precise 2D drawing capabilities, AutoCAD LT provides an intuitive environment for creating 2D drawings and 3D models in one cohesive design environment. It provides the tools and workflow to create better-looking, more functional CAD drawings faster, easily, and reliably.

What’s new in AutoCAD LT 2023

New features for the most popular free version of AutoCAD are designed to help you make fast, accurate drawings and create better-looking, more functional CAD drawings. This is the first release of AutoCAD LT since the introduction of AutoCAD 2019.


Suppress errors from unsupported export formats

Suppress the error message for unsupported export formats in the Print and Publish dialog box, making it easier to print drawings from unsupported formats that may result from errors or crashes. (CADWeb, 2019-2)

Rework the Print dialog box

The Print dialog box has been completely redesigned. Choose whether you want to see the printed image in the Background or foreground. (CADWeb, 2019-2)

More export options

More export options are available

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10
Processor: Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 7 or equivalent
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 12 Compatible Nvidia GeForce GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 270 or equivalent
Hard Drive: 8GB
Input: Keyboard and mouse
Additional Notes: Additional recommended settings may be required to get the most out of the game.
Processor: Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 or equivalent

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