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CompoChess is a free chess software, available for Windows and Linux, developed by Jussi Tikka.
The main goal of the developers is to provide a freeware game simulator which is easy and simple to use, and which allows you to play chess without having to learn any commands and without having to remember any complex code.
This utility is a huge game simulator, which allows you to play over 2600 annotated games from the history of chess, and which even simulates various competitions for you, such as The Internet Chess Club, which has a lot of talented people who come up with unique strategies.
Furthermore, CompoChess can be used to analyze your own game, and it even highlights your mistakes, which gives you an opportunity to learn the art of correction.
This utility is designed in such a way as to fully display your skills, and is compatible with many windows, as well as Linux.
The interface is easy to use, and it only requires you to enter in your username, log in, and start playing.
The best part of this game is that it comes with a built-in dictionary which allows you to look up a word, to easily understand the concepts of various variations.
This utility also comes with an extensive collection of chess variations, so that you can quickly switch between them and examine their effects on the game.
You can also edit, append and remove pieces on the board, as well as edit the time-control rules.
This software is compatible with other chess utilities such as ChessCafe and Novell Chess, and it allows you to play not only against yourself but also against a friend.
CompoChess Overview:
The name of the program is self-explanatory, as it provides you with tools for playing free chess games and simulations.
The developers of this application have created an interface that will make you feel like playing a real chess game in front of a chess board.
It is quite intuitive, and you need not have any previous knowledge of the program to use it.
The interface of the software is extremely simple and easy to use, and you need only to enter in your username, log in, and start playing.
The interface includes three main windows, which can be changed or closed to suit your preferences.
The main window displays a number of options that let you play with, out of all the games ever played in the history of chess.
These include a wide variety of formats for each time-

CompoChess [Latest 2022]


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The IMPORTANT NOTICE section above discusses some of the limitations of the distribution of this application.
If you are distributing the application to persons under the age of 13 or to people who are not residents of the United States of America, you must include this notice in the application and these persons will not be permitted to download or use the application until they have read this notice.

This application is software for your personal use. Please be sure to read the Terms of Use for accessing the Internet (included on this application) when installing or using this application. By installing or using this application, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use.

If you want to change your mind and/or get your money back, return the unused portion of this application and get your refund.

This software is only intended for the private use of an individual consumer and it is not intended for commercial use. This software may not be distributed to anyone under the age of 13. By installing or using this application you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy included with the downloaded software.

3. Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

We guarantee your satisfaction with our software or your money back. We are happy to take credit card payments for unused portions and product orders. If you decide to get your money back or are not satisfied with our software, please contact us via email at [email protected] and we will refund your purchase price in full or give you the code you need to download another license for free.

4. General

The software is licensed to you subject to the conditions in this license agreement. If you do not agree to these conditions, do not install or use the software. By downloading and/or using the software you are accepting the terms of this license agreement.

To use our software, you must be at least the age of 13 and the legal owner of the computer or other device that you will be using the software on.

5. Your Subscription Information

A license key is only available to you for a limited time unless you register. If you register, you will not receive any additional license keys for our software. By registering and buying the software, you are agreeing that you are an adult (at least 13 years of age) and are not prohibited from using the software.

6. Training Programs

The software includes training programs that are licensed to

CompoChess License Key

CompoChess is a chess player’s companion that lets you enjoy the game as if you were right in the audience, following all the excitement yourself.
We won’t bore you with the usual, tedious statistics and diagrams, no: CompoChess helps you to play, become a better player and learn chess quickly and easily.
You can simply start a new game or continue the current one, if you don’t want to start from the beginning (with the challenge mode).
Use the chess pieces position to analyze your game.
You can also set up a game with friends from around the world using the list of players we provide, or create your own friends list with the help of the build-in online friends list generator.
Get ready for a unique experience that will keep you involved with the game and will help you improve and discover new strategic ways to play chess.
A super-fast game engine will let you calculate move after move in real-time, so that you can see how your opponent makes his move.
You can also use the engine to save and load replays, so that you can find and study your games later on.
Analyze the game, play a match and analyze it again to learn:
Synchronize your view with the opponents.
Use the chess position to calculate the values of the pieces, checkmate probability and more.
Compare your game with the games of your friends and try to beat them.
Try the new chess game practice mode:
Supervise the game of your friend in real-time.
Get notified if your friend makes a bad move and analyze it together in real-time.
Add the other opponent in an embedded match.
Automatically play through the games of the other player.
Mark your own games to keep track of them later.
If a game is too hard for you, you can choose between 5 difficulty levels.
For more advanced players, we provide a very powerful filter mode, so that you can analyze your own games in detail, and even find moves that can lead to a draw.
If you face a difficult game, use the analysis tools that we provide:
Analyze your opponent’s best moves, find the possible forced moves, the possible draws and much more.
Analyze the positions of your own pieces and learn how to improve your play style.
Choose the main board color to quickly analyze the position of the pieces in a given game.

What’s New In CompoChess?

★★★★☆ Turn-based, Random chess simulator where each player gets 5 minutes of thinking time per side to examine their next moves.
★★★★★ Play FRC chess – compete to move a random chess piece all over the board, while your opponent looks over your shoulder.
★★★★☆ Play chess games, save your games, annotate your moves, change the time and date, name your players.
★★★★★ Import and export of GM games in the PGN format.
★★★★☆ Invite users to FRC games, and challenge them to Friendly Random Chess.
★★★★★ Start a FRC game in PGN format and replay it later on.
★★★★☆ Match-2, 3 and 4 player games with PGN upload and PGN download, and replay them later on.
★★★★☆ Allow computers to take moves from a PGN.
★★★★★ Play PGN files using 3D chess pieces that move freely on the board.
★★★★☆ Instructions to play PGN files with a description of each move.
For more Features; please read the manual in-app.
CompoChess Features;
★★★★★ Play 2 player chess games in 5 minute time control, 3 and 4 player FRC chess.
★★★★★ Import and export of PGN games with 2 players.
★★★★★ Play PGN games with 3 or 4 players using 3D chess pieces that move freely on the board.
★★★★★ Play PGN games with 3 or 4 players, replay the game, and switch the PGN file.
★★★★★ Invite up to 8 players, challenge them to FRC, start a new game.
★★★★★ Match-2, 3 and 4 player games in PGN format.
★★★★☆ Play chess games with annotation of your moves.
★★★★★ Start a chess game in PGN format and replay it later on.
★★★★★ Match-2, 3 and 4 player games and Replay games up to 5 times.
★★★★★ Import and export tables of results with annotation of the outcome of each game.
★★★★☆ Play chess games with position annotations.
★★★★☆ Analyze each of your moves on the move by move basis to determine the compensation, the counter-attack, the initiative, the time pressure and so on.
★★★★☆ View the consequences of each game move on the position, the player and the outcome of the game.

System Requirements:

-Windows 7 or later 64-bit.
-Internet connection.
-2GB RAM or more
-HDD space to install (more than 1GB)
-800 MB free space on C: Drive
-Required USB driver for installation
Step 2
.msi file to install
-This is an executable file which you must run to install the software.
-After installation, the program does not require a restart and

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