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In some ways, to work as a casual hookup, it’s better than dating. Casual hookups is when you’re not in any particular “ranks” of friends, you might want sex but not actually care about where you have sex or who you have sex with, or you may just be in the mood to find a high-satisfaction sexual encounter on a random basis. This type of sex is not a deeply committed relationship — it usually just happens between two people who both know what they’re getting into. Instead of dating someone over many weeks and months (that is, acting out the “proper way”) and gradually building feelings and closeness, casual hookups are momentary. And, sex aside, they’re never committed to one another.
Whether you use a casual hookup app or not, there are other benefits to the casual hookup model. It helps us avoid having to figure out what we want to do. One of the main reasons you wouldn’t want to pursue a committed relationship is because a real relationship necessitates an investment in a person’s character and personality — qualities that are much more difficult to assess and determine up front when you’ve only just met someone. Casual hookups are much easier because we all know what we want. We’re just looking for our person, and when we find them, we’re immediately attracted to them. Of course, this can make it easier to just try to hookup with a person whenever we feel like it, but we’re in control because we’re the ones who create the demand — and don’t demand that things be “fair.” That can save time and money.
The downside: Casual hookups can make it harder for a person to develop sexual intimacy. Because casual hookups are solely for sex, you might be missing out on the rest of the moments when sex and intimacy meet. If you hook up with someone casually once or twice, you’re much less likely to hear them talk about their feelings or opinions, and you might not learn their first names. You wouldn’t have any conversations leading to longer sexual encounters, and you might miss out on the chance to have sex with the person again.
One of the problems with casual hookups is that they’re so quick that, if you don’t at least have sex, you’re basically throwing away the chance for any other intimate moments with that person. Casual hookups can still feel great, but it’s more rare.
How to Tell If Your Hookup is Casual
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The short answer: It depends. That’s what we’re here for. And whether you’re in the market for a one-night stand or a fling that blossoms into something long term, we’re here to help. So while many of the apps are excellent for meeting people, few are ideal for staying committed. Here’s what they can do for you.
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How to use a dating app
Hooking up with someone you meet online is a relatively new concept. Apps are necessary, as a way to connect with like-minded people, but they can be problematic, too. If you are planning on hooking up with someone you meet on a dating app, ask yourself these questions.
Does this person look like a mess? Show and tell your “other half” what it’s like to date a tucker monster. Tell us what’s up with “O,” and this story will be filled with giggles and jealousy. No matter what, you want your relationship to be healthy and you feel comfortable about the other person.
Do they seem like they’re on board? Ask if they understand that you’re on this dating app because you want someone committed. If you pick someone who isn’t on the same page, that’s an easy way to start to build resentment. “People get on this app to meet someone — that’s not necessarily a commitment,” says Lawrence Cohen, a psychologist and author of The New York Times best seller, The Mating Mind.
Is this person a total tool? No, okay? People are also on dating apps because they want sex, or to impress their other half. Even if they’ve been dabbling in the wilder side of Tinder, double-down on your warning. If this person starts talking about the time they fucked a stranger in Amsterdam, shut down the conversation and walk away.
When you start seeing someone, you want them to love you as much as you do them.
Do they even know you exist? If they message you and you don’t get a response, their attention is not on you and you should leave.
Are they willing to meet with you in person? Does your friend have a mate? Start looking in your friend group. If your pal isn’t serious, you’re likely waiting for someone who isn’t serious.
How confident do you feel? If they want to meet you in person, their confidence will help you understand if they’re truly invested or whether they just

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