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Drunken Wrestlers 2 is a new parody wrestling game. It is a sequel of Drunken Wrestlers, which was developed in 2014.

Set in a fictional universe where weapons are illegal, the protagonist, a drunken wrestler, is put in the Royal prison. The guard sets up a match of drunken wrestlers with the only condition that each wrestler must have at least 25% alcohol in their blood. The prison hosts a total of twelve drunken wrestlers, seven of whom are playing against other prisoners. The wrestlers will be given only five minutes to drink ten units of alcohol and win the match. The others, the rival wrestlers, will do everything they can to prevent the drunken wrestlers from winning the match.

Each drunken wrestler has four characters at their disposal: Drunken Strength (basic moves), Drunken Speed (special moves), Drunken Disguise (special moves), and Drunken Balance (dancing). These four characters have over 30 special moves to make their drunken strength, speed, disguise, and balance stronger. The wrestler will also have a meter to measure the alcohol level in his or her blood. Drunken wrestlers will also have different equipment to help them win the match. These include:

Two cups, one for the blood and one for the alcohol (blood remains in its original form and doesn’t turn into alcohol. Only the alcohol turns into alcohol and leaves the blood).

Chairs, lighters, cigarettes, water, etc. These can be used as weapons to win the match.

The wrestler’s blood will get slowly replaced by alcohol, and when his or her alcohol level reaches 25%, the wrestler will pass out. Upon being revived, the wrestler will be drunk again. The opponent will prevent the drunken wrestler from drinking alcohol by attacking him or her.

The music of the game is scored by John Byrd. The sound effects are all original. There is a single ending after the win or loss.

Yosuke Yamashita, the protagonist of Drunken Wrestlers, is the character designer and animator. Kōhei Kadono is the programmer, Yoichi Kurano is the composer, and Rintaro Sakaue is the scenario writer.

Each drunk wrestler has different characteristics. Some of these are as follows:

BeerWaster (named after his alcoholic level) is the fastest drunk wrestler, and may be considered a hero. He is the weakest character in Drunken Wrestlers 2. BeerWaster’s strength and speed are high, and


Drunken Wrestlers Features Key:

  • Adults Only!
  • Great graphics and images
  • Five different camera angles in this game
  • Challenging Levels


  1. The object of the game is to drink beer from a can by boxing your opponent in the ring
  2. As you crush cans, you collect stars and unlock new levels
  3. You get one star for drinking a can, 2 stars for breaking a window, 3 stars for destroying a wall and 4 stars for killing an opponent (i.e. the wrestler)
  4. You have two buttons to hit, and one button to draw a star and score a box
  5. You can choose your opponent by setting a number of levels; each level has a different strength/weakness

Adventure Games (Boy)

Adventure Games (Boy) Game Key features:

  • Adults Only!
  • Great graphics and images
  • Five different camera angles in this game
  • Challenging Levels


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Drawn into a tournament to search for the soul of an evil spirit, you embark on a journey to learn the meaning of’staying strong’.

As a lead wrestler you’ll perform matches, battle other wrestlers in the ring, and watch your strength grow!

Find your inner strength and end the wrestling tournament. Good luck and fight bravely!




Update 6/12:

Update Log

First Week:

+ Zeroed out the two levels of difficulty that there were in the first build.

+ Decreased the fighting time (The faster you fight, the stronger you get).

+ Slightly increased the fighting strength of the weaker wrestler.

+ Decreased the cost of some items (Click on the stars to see what is affected)

+ Decreased the amount of damage that you can do with your body slam.

Fixed an issue where the wrestler would stop standing up when he hit the floor from a body slam.

Fixed an issue where the wrestler would get stuck in an animation.

Fixed an issue where you couldn’t view the stats of the wrestler if he was knocked out.

Fixed an issue where it was very hard to view wrestlers stats when they were knocked out.

Fixed an issue where the wrestler would get stuck on the floor when he was knocked out.

Fixed an issue where the wrestler would get stuck in an animation.

Fixed an issue where the wrestler would sometimes not be able to perform any moves after a pause.

Fixed an issue where the wrestler would not get turned back to his default position after a pause.

Fixed an issue where you could sometimes not access your inventory when in a small screen.

Cleaning up an issue with the character that turned their back to you during a smash attack.

Cleaned up an issue with the player getting stuck in the ring after a tuffling animation.

Cleaning up an issue where the wrestler would get stuck in the ring after a tuffling animation.

Cleaning up an issue where the wrestler would get stuck in the ring after a tuffling animation.

Cleaning up an issue where the wrestler would get stuck in the ring after a tuffling animation.

Clean up an issue where the wrestler would stop standing up after hitting the floor.

Renaming the gear items to make them more intuitive.


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Chapter one gameplay:


-Since this chapter is a re-watch, with a commentary. Everything written in here is absolutely true, just re-written to make it more digestible and easier to follow.

-Sorry about the lack of commentary, I wasn’t sure I would get this done before the next chapter was posted. Luckily, I’m pretty sure that I can get this done, since I’m pretty sure I remember a lot about this, since I do this for a living.

-Where I’m using the word “Wrestler” is a generic term, and not specific to any certain wrestler. It simply means “Rabbit from the WWE”, or anything with the appearance of a wrestling style match. I tried to keep this commentary general, as I’m trying to explain how a certain wrestler would think, as well as how certain matches would play out.

-Oh, and yea, it’s just as confusing as the title is.

Chapter one, explanation:


-Since this is the start of a match, I’m going to talk about the wrestler at this moment, who’s looking at the referee.

-While he might look confident, you should always listen to what the Referee says, because he’s the smartest and most knowledgeable person in the ring.

-While the referee might tell you to block his ropes, and you might think, “but the referee won’t let me do that!”, that’s just a reflection of his experience, and if he tells you to block his ropes, it’s a good idea to do it, and stick with it.

-If the referee tells you to fight, then it’s okay to get up, and you should do whatever you think is right.

-While it might seem like everything you do is wrong, as you’re attempting to lose, the fact that you’re picking up the moves and trying to perform them, is a good thing. It means that you’re trying to learn something, and learning something, is good.

-Before I go on, let me tell you the order of the four (4) rounds:

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

-You can see the ground heading the last two rounds.

-The first round of the match is going to be the period where you start learning. If you think you


What’s new in Drunken Wrestlers:

The Drunken Wrestlers () is a painting by the Italian Renaissance artist Raphael that was begun in 1505 and continued and completed in 1515. It now resides in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

The painting depicts a group of Venetian aristocrats, satirists and poets gathered around an unnamed musician in a tavern. In the center of the room a couch with a couple reclines, one half of the pair has caught a flask of wine to their mouth, the other rests their head on the couch’s arm. Around the couch, showing the influence of Venetian society’s activities, sits a lay sister and a mendicant friar, and in the background the patrons and musicians jest and play instruments, including a bagpipe with which a drunken man is playing.

The protagonists of the scene are a Venetian nobleman, a non-noble member of the patrician class and a male philosopher, a figure believed to represent Burckhard von Cranz (1476–1527), a German Augsburger humanist writer. We also see the female philosopher Ercole Paganino, an Italian female thinker, in a pose similar to that of Burckhard, holding a lute. The painting’s moralistic interpretation is stated in the painting’s title, which indicates that the moral for the men is being taught by the women.

The poet and playwright Girolamo Bardi is seen in the background on the bottom shelf of a window, and in the work’s original title alcova refers to the standard of his window. (Although this commentary has been interpreted as evidence that the scene was initially dedicated to René of Montmorency, this interpretation was proven to be false in 1994 by Ivo Fritsche.)

The painting is a loose adaptation of one of the thirty-five pieces of Michelangelo’s series of Drunken Silenus. Raphael adapted the composition to the painting itself, and the apparent digression he made in the old philosopher’s drunkenness from the character of the original is the most obvious change in the piece. Raphael’s characterization of figures is more allegorical than Michelangelo’s, providing a broader context and underlying meaning. The dialogue and the large scale adaptivity are characteristic of the painter’s dialectic style.

Composition, symbolism and interpretation
The immediate audience for the painting is the patrons with the Greek word in the bottom right


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    System Requirements For Drunken Wrestlers:

    OS: Windows XP SP2 (32-bit)
    Processor: Intel Pentium III 650MHz or faster
    Memory: 1024MB RAM
    Hard Disk: 10GB available space
    DirectX: Version 8 or greater
    Network: Active internet connection
    Additional Requirements:
    Version of 3D Realms® Aliens™ Elite
    3D Realms® Aliens™ Elite is a stand-alone,
    PlayStation®2 CD-ROM game of futuristic
    action and strategy designed for play
    with friends


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