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Ericom Blaze can optimize your remote desktop connections and improve the delivery time of media content.
Providing a great remote desktop experience over RDP is no longer a “nice to have” – it’s a necessity. Organizations need a simple and cost-effective way to provide users with secure, super fast access to applications with rich media and graphics, which enhances end-user experiences, reduces complaints to IT and increases productivity.
Ericom Blaze is a professional solution designed to speed up slow remote desktop (RDP) connections and the delivery of graphics-rich content, Flash and other media-rich applications.
This stand-alone solution speeds up graphics performance on remote desktops (in Terminal Services and VDI environments) by as much as 10 times – across low bandwidth / congested / high latency networks, including WAN, and remote or cellular connections.
It also delivers a significantly better RDP user experience for the allocated network bandwidth.







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Ericom Blaze is designed to improve remote desktop (RD) performance, whether you have established RD connections on low bandwidth / high latency networks or across WAN or cellular connections.
It boosts performance with its customisable shadow buffer, four-way VDI and multi-protocol RD algorithms, and an integrated media accelerator.Ericom Blaze Features:
– Ultimate Performance for Remote Desktop
Ericom Blaze customises live RD connections, delivering super-fast application rendering across low bandwidth / high latency connections. It enhances RDP experience and increases productivity for remote users.
– Accelerates Media-Rich Applications
Ericom Blaze accelerates the delivery of graphics-rich applications such as Flash, Silverlight and media-rich Web applications, ensuring users receive a flawless user experience on RD connections.
– Optimise Remote Desktop Connections
Ericom Blaze improves remote desktop delivery with a variety of integration algorithms and adaptations, including RDP 4.0, and RD protocols such as Microsoft’s Secure Remote Desktop (SRD) and VNC.
– Multi-Protocol Remote Desktop
Ericom Blaze can optimise connections for RD protocols including VNC, RDP, Telnet, and SRD.
– Enable Multi-User Remote Desktop
Ericom Blaze allows multiple users to connect with RDP simultaneously to their servers and users, creating a complete virtual desktop environment.
– VPN Acceleration
Ericom Blaze optimises RD connections by switching to the VPN protocol when users are connected to a VPN server, ensuring seamless connectivity.
How Ericom Blaze Works:
Ericom Blaze sits in the network, next to your RD clients and users, and intercepts RDP video streams as they are sent from the client to the server.
Ericom Blaze analyses the in-stream video data and chooses the most appropriate RD protocol and codec combination. If required, it can skip unnecessary steps such as protocol negotiations, prioritise multiple streams to combine into a single stream, or resequence streams to increase application performance.
Ericom Blaze then adapts the stream and pushes the graphics into a dedicated, high-performance, custom-designed video buffer. This buffer reads directly from the RD server, so the results are available in real time. Ericom Blaze can also cache media files as they are streamed to the RD server, and re-cache them when required.
Once the RD client is connected to the RD server, Ericom Blaze continuously monitors the stream to check that the video data is available in the buffer. If so, Ericom Blaze

Ericom Blaze 14.5.5 Crack+ Activator

Ericom Blaze Enterprise Remote Desktop Solution is a stand-alone, cost-effective solution designed to speed up slow remote desktop (RDP) connections and the delivery of graphics-rich content, Flash and other media-rich applications. It delivers a significantly better RDP user experience for the allocated network bandwidth. Also, the solution enables users to access corporate applications from anywhere in the world.
Combining Ericom’s extremely advanced technologies with intelligent RDP streaming, this solution provides the fastest, smoothest, most reliable and secure remote desktop connections available.
Ericom Blaze ensures that RDP connections are established and maintained as close to an ideal rate as possible. It also optimizes the overall end-user experience and improves latency by as much as 10 times.
Ericom Blaze delivers high-performance remote desktop connections across several streaming profiles:
Built-in Streaming Profile
This Streaming Profile serves as the best-of-breed streaming solution for user workloads which can be used as part of your overall solution.
Up to 10x the performance of TCP-based streaming
Provides additional round-trip reduction techniques such as strict timing-based RLE, WSS and RTT estimation to enhance overall user experience.
Faster initial loading
Allows you to have a consistent user experience for the remainder of the workload’s execution.
Built-in Streaming Profile by Ericom
Download this FREE streaming profile from Ericom for your on-premise, terminal services and VDI environments.
Use the built-in Streaming Profile to optimize RDP connections and media streaming.
Other features include:
-Multiple user support
-Application-independent protocol
-Binary RLE support
-Application-aware profiles
-Fast startup time
-Multiple file support
-Advanced graphics compression
-Network management
-RTT estimation
-Quality of service (QoS)
-Symmetric RDP connection
-XSendFile synchronization
-Web conferencing support
-URL redirection support
-X11X transfer support
-SIP support
-Graphical user interface
-Ethernet frame compression
-Ethernet Frame Reassembly
Download the Ericom Blaze solution and instantly experience 10x performance across a broad range of network scenarios.
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IntelliStream can optimize your remote desktop connections and improve the delivery time of media content.
Providing a great remote desktop experience over RDP is no longer

Ericom Blaze 14.5.5 X64

– Transparently and securely accelerates remote desktop connections and media content delivery.
– Improves user experience and reduces RDP latencies on servers by up to 10x.
– Optimizes connections and reduces media latency in areas with limited network bandwidth.

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What’s New In Ericom Blaze?

– Optimizes the process of connecting to RDP sessions
– Transfers media and graphics on demand, making your remote desktop faster, smoother and more responsive
– Reduces RDP start-up time by as much as 50 percent, even across low bandwidth networks
– Shortens RDP connection turnaround time by as much as 70 percent
– Reduces bandwidth and latency
– Accelerates graphics processing by up to 3 times

– Configure multiple key KVM KVM switches for multiple servers, workstations, or even entire desktop workgroups.
– Dual (mirrored or non-mirrored) to minimize any service interruption or problems in the event of disk failure
– IPMI 2.0/2.0i compatible
– Battery backup for seamless operation
– One KVM/IPMI KVM Switch – Yellow
– One VGA Cable x 1
– One DC Power Cable x 1

– Intel Pentium Desktop Boards
– Apple Keyboard USB and Apple USB Mouse USB

– Supports the Apple Keyboard USB and Apple USB Mouse USB
– Supports the Intel Desktop Boards (Pentium etc)
– Supports the AMI IPMI KVM Switch


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