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Keeping track of errors when dealing with .NET Framework-based applications can be done manually, relying on a process that involves the use of email clients, like Thunderbird. Such an approach is common among the offerings of many commercial services, but ErrorTracker was developed in order to offer a more specialized solution to such requirements.
Offered with two distinct components, a server and a client, the application will provide separate functionality for each.
Featuring a built-in manager, once initialized, this Windows service will start listening on the default ports, 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS, respectively. If users have these ports assigned to other tasks, changing them can be done by editing the provided, “Settings.cfg” file, which is bundled in the deployment archive.
In the same configuration file, one will be able to also adjust other parameters, such as the “User List” and “Project List”, but the developer recommends using the web interface for safer access to the configuration.
The client component will allow users to create new projects, and view the events that have been recorded for the defined criteria. Furthermore, folder trees can be created for organizing such events and keeping things structured.









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.NET Framework is widely used by the majority of organizations across the world, offering great opportunities. However, this framework is considered to be rather complicated and time consuming to work with.
To address this issue, this app was developed to offer a solution to the above, focusing on.NET Framework-based applications.
Specifically, ErrorTracker features a Web interface that will provide users with a set of customization options. Furthermore, a dashboard will give you a general look of the situation.
On top of this, the application offers in-depth analysis of performance issues, thus, analyzing the situations in which errors occurred.
While the application is an independent solution, it can be incorporated with EventList, an open source application, that will also provide similar functionality.

Alma3i.Aes.Tasks.2013.2.3 is a task list, todo list, bug tracker and project management software for Windows, written in Visual Basic.NET.

Alma3i Task Manager offers central task lists for Windows, Windows Phone and most of the task managers.
It allows multiple task lists in one application and different user accounts.
The user interface for the task list, todo list, bug tracker and project management is extensible and can be adapted to the needs of the user.
The Task List can be integrated into a desktop application with a Windows Service.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free, open-source e-mail client application for Windows, Linux, and macOS that was originally released by the Mozilla Corporation in 2004.
Thunderbird is a messaging client, a mail organizer and a newsgroup reader. It has an integrated RSS reader that supports several feeds, supports an exchange connector, supports iCal protocols and has spell checker, built-in translation, support for multiple accounts and user defined themes.

The current stable release is Thunderbird 44.7.0 and there are (as of 19-10-2019) versions available for Windows and Linux that can be updated to current version:
For Linux:
For Windows:

NOTE: if the folder isn’t there check that you have permissions to write to that location.
To install using

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What it does:
Can be used as a full solution for recording all the errors that occur in the development/production environment.
Provides users with an easy-to-use browser-based UI that makes it very easy to manage all the errors from the web console.
Runs as a Windows Service (that can be stopped/started at will), and the server component is reachable via two different ports.
Holds track of all the HTTP/HTTPS-based communication logs made by the application on the selected port.
Provides a CLI command line tool that allows you to run queries against the database that it holds.
What it is ideal for:
What it is ideal for:
Dedicated to software development, it should be a perfect fit for developers who want to investigate why certain issues are happening.
Has been designed to offer a comprehensive service to the developer, and it can also be used by other specialists (such as system administrators) to keep track of issues in an efficient manner.
It should be noted that this is not a “one size fits all” solution, and may not be suitable for every project.
Has been designed to solve the need to monitor all the errors that happen in an application based on the.NET Framework.
Is useful for debugging purposes, either natively or in a Dockerized environment.
Provides an intuitive user interface for querying the database as well as managing the communication logs.
The application includes a “Settings.cfg” configuration file that contains a general set of settings.
The application can be run directly from the CLI (Command Line Interface) or from the web interface.
The web console allows end users to create projects and set their criteria for searching all the errors that occurred.
Folder trees are provided, for organizing errors to their respective categories.
Each project holds the information about its errors, alongside the logs and categories they have.
The application includes a separate CLI tool (“Etrl.exe”) that can be used to perform queries against the database that it keeps.
Also included is a “fq.ps1” script to be used when querying the database directly from PowerShell.
For a more detailed explanation of how everything works, please refer to the documentation included in the “docs” folder.
For a detailed explanation of how to use the CLI tool

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Now users can run the client application with a minimum of hassle. Downloading the application and enabling the settings is all that is required, after which, all events will be recorded by the server, which should automatically handle the rest.

[January 10, 2013]



ErrorTracker, first released in 2011, is a fast and accurate crash detection and management application that has been developed over the years. The latest edition of the program was released a couple of days ago. One can find more details about the program’s latest features and history on the company’s website, located here.Mimu is accused of hitting the 24-year-old with a bat during a fight on Royal Mail’s Lower Shirley branch in west London on June 7

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What’s New In?

Development status: In development
Compatible.NET Framework versions:.NET Framework 3.5,.NET Framework 4
Single Installer package
Bug Tracking: In development
Documentation: (6 pages)

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System Requirements For ErrorTracker:

Requires the following:
Dwarf Fortress version 1.3.2
Windows 7/8.1
Note: The line of sight and detection systems are not available in 1.3.2
Mouse and Keyboard Controls
To be able to use the ‘Down the Barrel’ system and pick up an ammo crate, you will have to aim your crosshairs onto an ammo crate and fire. You will have to move your mouse cursor to the left and right to be able to aim and fire your cannon, and holding the

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