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replace country name in appended text with city name

hi so i am attempting to display information from a database and then append it to a webpage but i am having trouble replacing the country name at the start of the text with the city name.
here is the code which i have tried:
type: “GET”,
url: “”,
success: function (returned) {
document.getElementById(“result”).innerHTML = returned;
$(“.info-data”).html(function (i, text) {
var parts = text.split(‘,’);
return parts[0];

in my database i have the data as:

what i would like it to look like is:
Location: LONDON



This isn’t a jQuery issue – you just need to replace the actual country with the city:

type: “GET”,
url: “”,
success: function (returned) {
document.getElementById(“result”).innerHTML = returned;
$(“.info-data”).html(function (i, text) {

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