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FIFA 22 introduces two new Ultra Boost items, the Niihau and the Seopa. The Niihau is an all-access item that is activated when the player collects the Seopa and plays the ball, allowing the player to add speed to the ball. The Seopa is an item that is activated when the player collects the Niihau and the player kicks the ball, dealing a high-velocity blow when used. The Niihau can only be bought with the Seopa, but the Seopa can be bought with either the Niihau or the Seopa.

FIFA 20 introduced FIFA Ultimate Team this year, where players on the official FIFA 20 website and YouTube channel are able to create teams using real-life players. This year, FIFA 22 introduces the FIFA Ultimate Team Master League, where the strongest players on the FIFA Ultimate Team website and YouTube channel are able to compete against each other online.

FIFA 22 introduces the first of many new Ultimate Team features, the “Player Performance Index,” which will track player performance throughout the season. This will then help the Ultimate Team manager learn how to develop players and make better-informed decisions regarding player transfer targets.


22 more players have been added in FIFA 22: The Additions, with the appearance of Ahmed Musa of 13-time African champions – Super Eagles, Kalidou Koulibaly of 16-time African champions – Senegal, Andres Guardado of 16-time Mexican champions – and Diego Costa of Spanish giants – Atletico de Madrid.

Players are coming with new abilities, such as Gianluigi Buffon and Giorgio Chiellini, who now have FIFA 22’s “Ricochet,” which allows the player to watch a laser-guided ball rebound off his body. Steven Gerrard has been added with the “Goal of the Year,” which lets the player score free kicks and penalty kicks without conversion. In the “Show Your Pass,” players can pass their body to the ball, which makes it easier for other players to head the ball.

Players’ control has also been improved, with the players’ intelligence being able to correctly decide when to shoot at goal, pass, and dribble. Lionel Messi’s intelligence is improved in FIFA 22, with players receiving an “Intelligence Skill” bonus when playing with him


Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 returns with all-new ways to play and feel the game.
  • The brand new Player Impact Engine changes the way players perform in-game, bringing more interaction and moments of magic.
  • FIFA 22 introduces ‘HyperMotion’ – a ground breaking next-generation control system that brings unprecedented control and responsiveness to players in-game.
  • Breadth of creation options, including additional kits, skills, and teams to collect.
  • Create your own skill using the new Ultimate Team creation modes.
  • FIFA 22 introduces All Live and Online-only modes for the first time ever, giving fans the ultimate flexibility to play any mode they choose, where and when they want.
  • Multiple game modes including the new Double Transfer Deadline Weekend and more of the biggest games to ever live across online and offline modes.


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FIFA is the world’s leading sports franchise and is the most popular football game franchise of all time with over 400 million registered players and revenues approaching $5 billion a year.


FIFA Ultimate Team

Touch the ball, celebrate the goal and fight for control. With the richest gameplay in football, introduce your friends to your favourite club. Take on the most challenging gameplay and celebrate with your friends.


FIFA Ultimate Team

Touch the ball, celebrate the goal and fight for control. With the richest gameplay in football, introduce your friends to your favourite club. Take on the most challenging gameplay and celebrate with your friends.

A New World of Football

FIFA is back, and so is football at its very best. This year we’re introducing all-new features, modes and experiences that will change the way you game forever. The choice is yours. That’s why FIFA is the only video game franchise that ever evolves. FIFA 21 brings the complete football experience to life like never before, including:

A world-first Immersive BattleSound. Create a truly immersive soundscape for the first time ever with the addition of total immersion BattleSound. Lose yourself in the moment as you learn the true meaning of “sound”.

Duel at the World Cup. FIFA 21 introduces a new mode called FIFA Duel, allowing you to play against friends online for the chance to advance to the final at the FIFA World Cup.

New Free Experience. Experience football in a truly free way with new Free Experience modes that enable you to play football anytime and anywhere.

FIFA 21 unveils legendary Player Faces. This year FIFA’s player personalities are stepping out from the shadows and onto the cover.

FIFA 21 introduces a new progression-based core system. This year, rather than choosing from a pre-defined path or levelling down, you choose from a progression-based level-up system based on your gameplay, training and career.

New Challenge Leagues and Domination. See your friends’ best performances when you play matches against the best FIFA players in the world.

FIFA 21 introduces a new football engine that delivers the most authentic and realistic football gameplay ever on consoles.

A Complete Revolution in User Interfaces and Experience. FIFA gets even more intuitive with an all-new navigation and deeper social features, and the new Player Creator 2.0 tool allows you to change the


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This is the most authentic version of FIFA ever with all FUT content unlocked from the start of the game. Play all the leagues and compete in any mode in FIFA Ultimate Team, a new staple of the game. Make your own Legend, customize your own team, and compete in tournaments against players from around the world.

EA SPORTS FUT Champions –
With new and improved gameplay features, stunning visuals and more Premier League content than ever before, FIFA Ultimate Team Champions is the ultimate experience that perfectly adapts to how you play the game. Get exclusive Champions like Sergio Ramos, FC Bayern Munich, and many more.

The FIFA 20 senior mode brings new challenges to the game. Take on the roles of a coach, scout, and goalkeeper, and work to hone your club’s skills.

Your approach to training and managing the team will determine the quality of players you attract – and you’ll need to be as smart as you are passionate. As a coach, you’ll put your team through drills to improve tactical awareness, make tough decisions based on the team’s performance, and then build your squad. As you progress through the club ranks, you’ll take on ever tougher opponents, travel to exciting new venues, and make significant decisions that will have a direct impact on your squad.

You’ll take control of the club’s scout network. Use your intuition to identify talented young players in your area and bring them to your club. Some scouts will be better than others, so be sure to check their background and evaluate their skills. As the game progresses, you’ll get to know your players better, and your scouts will become more adept at choosing the right players for your team.

Your goalkeeping is one of the most important parts of the game, so it’s not surprising that we’ve made it an even more engaging and challenging experience with FIFA 20.

New goalkeepers will appreciate new ways to save, and you’ll use your new “touch” control to quickly open yourself up for saves. You’ll need to do more than just read the ball, and you’ll need to use your brain and head to see it.

FIFA 20 Journey
FIFA 20 Journey is the game’s story mode where you’ll follow the characters on their historic journeys. Discover a


What’s new in Fifa 22:

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