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FIFA 22 also includes a host of new features and enhancements including new animations, improved ball physics, innovative new goalkeeper animations and an enhanced motion capture engine that provides unprecedented in-game speed and fluidity. Online leaderboards and new goal celebrations will be introduced to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. FIFA 2on2 and FIFA Ultimate Team World have also been added to PlayStation 4.

We had the chance to preview the new FIFA game as well as catch up with producer Aaron Ellington to get his thoughts on all the new features.

I’m expecting FIFA 20 to be a very popular year for EA Sports, with many more football fans picking up the upcoming game and giving you a fair chance of knocking in some goals.

Do you believe your PS4 version will really top the PS3 version?

We are very much hoping to start an exciting new era of playing FIFA on PS4. The goal of course is to attract the hardcore fans who have been supporting FIFA for many years. It is our way of saying we appreciate all the hard work that they have put into getting our footballers to look and feel the way they do. To be able to provide them with the best possible FIFA gameplay experience will be a fantastic achievement. We’ve been able to put more into the game than we ever could have imagined and I think we’ve found a way to put the title in that much more elite club.

What is it like working with former Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi?

It’s amazing that someone who is that famous has been supporting the game for over 20 years. We’ve been working with him for a long time. He’s extremely professional, just like the rest of the professional players. He comes in at the same time as the players, he doesn’t put any pressure on the day, just focusses on his game. It is a fantastic honour for us to be able to work with him and there are so many professional people in the studio that have put so much time into FIFA, that it just means a lot to see all their work pay off.

People don’t realise how much work goes into the development of FIFA, but we’ve been working on the game for over 10 years. Not only does it have a huge amount of content, a lot of the gameplay and AI are ground breaking. And it really has been amazing to be able to give a lot of credit to all the professionals that make up the team.


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team. Play anytime, anywhere, with the ultimate roster of players; including superstars, legends and FUT Legends.
  • Career Mode.
  • Team of the Year 2017.
  • New kits and goal celebrations.
  • Replay App.
  • New 3D engine.
  • Player Performance Calendar. Train more combinations or find out which combos are best for your team.
  • New hair style available in-game.
  • New squad and squad management features.
  • New training drills.
  • No Impact Kick.
  • New-for-FUT motion capture technology.
  • Brand new stadiums.
  • Play as All-Stars in FUT Legends mode.
  • Upgrade your FIFA Ultimate Team in-game.
  • Top-class commentary.
  • No crowds in career mode.
  • Improved AI.
  • Huge discounts on tickets to Thailand, South Africa and Japan.
  • Fantastic news and features on @FUTTips.


Fifa 22 PC/Windows [Updated-2022]

FIFA is the world’s greatest game of the year. It is also the preeminent football title in the market, having been the best-selling videogame for more than a decade. In a market where football games are perpetually evolving, FIFA has refused to change — reinventing itself every year without missing a beat. It remains the benchmark for what a football videogame can and should be.


In FIFA 22, we bring all the drama, adrenaline and emotion of the real world to the virtual pitch. Every rival encounter in the new Rivals mode gets its due attention. It can be exciting, nasty and brutal. Check out the new Rivals mode more about Rivals in the last page. Rivals mode won’t be only in FIFA 22, it’s a part of EA SPORTS FIFA 20.

2x more shots on goal

2x more ball possession

X more scoring chances created

X more post-assists

Three new ways to create a pass

New look at offside

Check out the new features in FIFA 22 compared to FIFA 21.

Live your dreams

FIFA isn’t a world championship because the rules are unfair. It’s a world championship because you can do it. FIFA is celebrating the fusion of power and creativity, and letting you do whatever you want. You can be your own hero. You can be an All-Star. You can be the champion. Your talent means something — and your skill will take you anywhere.

Unprecedented control

Full kung fu dribble. Endless speed. Dynamic strikes. Each new breakthrough feature is designed to unleash your full potential. Where you once held the ball is now up for grabs. Everything’s in play. Pressure and circumstance are no longer arbitrary limits.

New ways to play


Expand on the way you strike. Create sequences that run through multiple passes. But be careful not to hit the same pass too many times, and not to let the ball run too far forward. With each touch you achieve, you’ll gain new control on the ball. Creating the perfect shot becomes an art form.


And when your opponent moves, change direction with a unique spin move. Use it to evade a defender, or to set yourself up for a precise pass. Now you can create space with your foot, and make room for your teammates. The new way


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Customise your FIFA Ultimate Team roster by purchasing in-game items from your favourite football clubs, or create and share your own team using the new Ultimate Team coin items. Squad up for battles against other players online, and train your players using new gameplay features.

Online multiplayer allows you to play against your friends and rivals from around the world. Team up with friends and challenge them to an online match, or play single player to train or show off your new skills.

FIFA 22 is the first FIFA title to work with FIFA on the Xbox One. Use various new features, including the new Timing Triad and the ability to set up a personal assistant to help you hone your skills.

FIFA 22 makes full use of next-generation technologies. The Transfer Market allows you to buy and sell players from any team around the world, and loads of new playing features are at your disposal.

FIFA® 22 is the first FIFA on Xbox One to take full advantage of next-generation technologies. The combination of technologies such as the powerful Kinect and innovative cloud computing will change the way players experience football in the next generation.

Technical highlights:

FIFA ON Xbox One is the first football title to deliver access to the Xbox One’s powerful cloud technology with every purchase. FIFA ON Xbox One is the first title in the FIFA franchise to offer a next-generation Transfer Market. Players will be able to buy and sell players from any team around the world, as well as create and share custom teams via the new FIFA Ultimate Team.

Four player induction is the first feature of FIFA ON Xbox One, and will be available on day one. This is a first for FIFA on any platform.

FIFA ON Xbox One will also be the first football game to use the latest Kinect sensor. This technology will allow players to interact with the game in a new way, as well as learn new skills with the assistance of an intelligent personal assistant, the first in the FIFA franchise.

First ever GPU acceleration technology will be available in FIFA ON Xbox One allowing players to enjoy the greatest match experience on all major platforms.


Unprecedented Interactive Experience – Players will be able to carry their national team in the game for the first time ever, as well as earn bonus coins for their club


What’s new:

  • The FIFA World Cup returns to consoles with a gigantic eleven FIFA World Cups.
  • The Men’s World Cup will have 24 teams for a record 48 games to play in this year.
    Real Football Club – A new career mode that builds on the foundation of the Leagues & Cups modes and the former World Tour mode.
    Server Passes – Witness dynamic rule changes across the various competitions, including all FIFA World Cups.
    Ultimate Team – The iconic mode returns with even deeper integration into the online experience. With more cards to collect, more star player requests and new ways to level up and succeed.
    Kick Off Showcase – Authentic matches and replays just as the world’s best players kick off every four years.
  • The @PS4 Gamer Voice Pack -The new @PS4 Gamer Voice pack allows players to connect with their friends, share in-game events and interact with each other through voice chat, all captured by playable profile images in-game. This pack makes the gaming experience more vibrant and social.

    Galaxy Craft – Host a festive FIFA Ultimate team party where players create the newest clubs and earn rewards

    Celebrate Events – 11 FIFA World Cup games allow players to compete against their friends, family, and favorite FIFA YouTube stars in real-time.

    Accessibility – FIFA World Cup 2018 provides accessibility features and enhancements that are on-par with FIFA World Cup 2018 Ultimate Team.

    Stadiums – All 22 FIFA World Cup stadiums have been rebuilt, enhanced and augmented for FIFA World Cup 2018.

    REAL SPORTS ARENA – These are enhanced with FIFA World Cup 2018 gameplay and graphics.

    User-Generated Content – In addition to ranking on leaderboards, players can earn rewards and badges, and interact with other players through community-driven features in Create a Club.

    FIFA World Cup features
    * Kick off World Cup matches from the most iconic locations.
    * Create your own “Dream Team” and compete against others by drawing from a player pool of players from all over the world.
    * Witness different football gameplay options, with new heights of creativity, including dramatically new mechanics and gameplay features that encourage more pro players.

    * Get immersed with new ways to compete, including online and offline tournaments that vary in locations and availability over time.
    * Care for your own club


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    FIFA® is the world’s most famous and popular football game. FIFA is the official game of the FIFA World Cup™ and the FIFA Club World Cup™, and is played in over 100 countries by football fans of all ages, genders and nationalities. Developed by Electronic Arts (EA), FIFA helps players of all abilities enjoy the game.

    Key Features

    FIFA is the ultimate football game — it offers the freedom to be the best you can be with all-new features and improvements that will make you the ultimate football star! Play a career mode that lets you explore the highs and lows of the European and international game. Choose to play as a professional manager and guide your club through multiple seasons, or take on the role of the player and act as manager on the field. Play as your favorite club from around the world, or create your own club from scratch. FIFA allows you to play football as you’ve always wanted to – without limits.

    In FIFA, you can play as your favorite players through a new ‘Skins’ system that lets you customize your game like never before! Whether you use the new Photoshop Engine or use FIFA Studio™, you can now customize every aspect of the game to match your style. The new ‘My FIFA’ feature means you can make every experience your own, whether it’s on the pitch or in the stands with friends and fans worldwide!

    Over 50 all-new Champions for the Barclays Premier League, the Bundesliga, and more – New Opportunities to Fight for the Very Best

    A new mode that features over 20 minutes of gameplay and a 5-a-side Tournament, plus integrated leaderboards for all-new coins and achievements

    New Mode “Your Chance” – A new Academy Mode that supports social features where you can compete to prove yourself to the best academies in the world

    A new 5-a-side Tournament featuring all-new Champions for all-new Champions

    New Features

    Aspects of the game that can be edited using the new ‘Skins’ system

    Designed for Xbox One, the FIFA graphics engine, combined with an all new physics and animation system deliver a deeply balanced experience – especially designed to respond to the consoles’ unique capabilities, bringing the game to life on the Xbox One.

    Player Movements

    Players run, jump, and tackle the way they would in real life. Details such as pitch size, player positions


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    System Requirements:

    You’ll need a computer running Windows XP or Windows Vista. It also runs on Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you already have Windows 8, you should be able to upgrade to Windows 10.
    Please note that Windows 7 will work perfectly fine with your NVIDIA GTX graphics cards, but some games will not support it (unless you install Windows 7 SP1).
    Please also note that some games may require DirectX 12.1
    Check out our DirectX 12.1 review guide to get detailed information about DirectX 12.1.
    Please be aware that DirectX 12 only supports


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