Formation.Integrale.Sur.Excel.2010.[PATHOS] High Quality

Formation.Integrale.Sur.Excel.2010.[PATHOS] High Quality



– 2013.
– P. 37-48.
– References in English:
1. [Stylistic and semantic features of the use of specialized elements in the texts of the English economic literature (Boston, USA)].
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The English language].

.Development of several giant extra-abdominal myoma within a short period.
A young woman with giant myoma of about 2300 g that was found at 20 weeks of gestation was reported. The patient is a 19-year-old primigravida of G2P1. The patient had retained products of conception (RPC) and received two episodes of spontaneous abortion as well as treated for irregular uterine bleeding. She delivered at 35 weeks of gestation. She did not receive the common treatment for myoma. The myoma with a volume of at least 1200 cm3 increased in size from an initial mass of about 1 kg at 20 weeks’ gestation. Routine sonography showed the presence of a huge myoma in the abdomen. A test for pregnancy was positive, and an ultrasound-guided aspiration of the cystic mass was performed. At the initial diagnosis of RPC, the authors found that the myoma at 20 weeks’ gestation could be a giant myoma. The authors conclude that ultrasound is the most important tool for diagnosis, and pregnancy is another important factor of the development of giant myoma.Q:

Have a list of values as a text value in a column – SQL Server

I have a table with a column named ‘Values’. This column contains a list of values, like:
How can I list this values in another column like column ‘values’?
I need to list this values like this ‘300000’||’80000’||’0′, but I don’t know how to do it.


If you are using SQL Server, then you can use a function like STUFF() to convert your list into a string:
SELECT ‘,’ + v
FROM tab
WHERE v IN (‘300000-80000-0’)
), 1, 1, ”)
FROM tab;

Britain’s first cyberwar to target a foreign enemy has been launched and focuses on the capacity of the Russian military to identify and assess enemies’ vulnerabilities.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon today (20 February) announced the launch of what he calls an “offensive initiative” – which his predecessor, Liam Fox, described as

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