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MassTube is a small-sized software utility designed to help users grab their favorite video files from YouTube in the easiest way possible, and download them to the local disk for offline playback. It can be used to create a collection of video tutorials, for example.
Plain and simple interface
Aesthetically, it's not very impressive, as it sports a simplistic interface and just a few options for downloading videos. This is a simple-to-use tool built specifically with a single goal in mind: to grab video files from YouTube. Therefore, it doesn’t come equipped with other noteworthy features, such as a built-in YouTube browser or audio extraction mode.
Straightforward video converter with history mode
Some video details are shown after introducing a YouTube link in the dedicated box, namely the resolution and audio parameters. MassTube supports multiple output formats (FLV, MP4, WebM, 3GP), which means that it gives you the possibility to convert the downloaded files to other types, as well as to select a preferred quality if there are multiple options available.
On task completion, it offers to open the downloaded clips with an external video player. It also integrates a history window that shows all the videos you have downloaded from YouTube, which can be cleared, exported to file, and imported at a later time.
Other program settings
MassTube's window can be placed on top of other frames, and it can be asked to remember the current window position whenever opening a new instance. Furthermore, it's possible to disable the internal download engine and switch to an external one, modify the default destination folder for all grabbed videos, as well as apply a proxy configuration for connecting to the Internet.
Evaluation and conclusion
The app worked smoothly in our evaluation and didn't prompt any errors. Although MassTube doesn't have an impressive skill set, it's an efficient software solution for downloading clips and converting them into other formats on the go. CPU and RAM consumption was minimal in our tests.







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Simple yet effective way to download your favorite videos from YouTube.
➤ Download and convert YouTube clips to MP4, WebM, and other formats.
➤ YouTube URL search by typing or selecting the video category.
➤ Supports multiple video formats including MP4, WebM, and FLV.
➤ Split the downloaded videos into several files or play them in the built-in player.
➤ Sync YouTube videos with other local Android devices by sharing the downloads.
➤ Import downloaded YouTube videos into a video player (FLV, MP4, or WebM).

YouTube to MP3 Converter is a professional application designed to download, convert and convert YouTube videos to MP3, M4A, AMR, AVI and other audio formats. It can help you convert YouTube to MP3 and convert YouTube to mp4 with original quality and high speed. You can customize the quality by downloading the file or adding it to a list of favorites. You can also download multiple files at once.
Google Play download manager supports YouTube to MP3 converter, which can download video and convert to MP3 and other audio formats with high quality.
Video to MP3 Converter
With YouTube to MP3 converter, you can download YouTube to MP3 videos easily. Youtube to MP3 converter downloads videos from Youtube with high quality and saves the downloaded files in MP3 or audio formats. You can download YouTube videos in a list of favorites. You can also add the files to a list of favorites by downloading files. The downloaded video files can be managed in the built-in video player. You can remove or move a file to a different folder.
MP3 Converter
After downloading the file, YouTube to MP3 converter can convert video files to MP3. You can configure the output format, audio bit rate, video bit rate, frame rate, sample frequency, and volume. You can convert video files to MP3, M4A, AMR, AVI, 3GP, and FLV. You can also adjust the audio bit rate, sample frequency, and audio volume of the output MP3.
You can control the resolution and aspect ratio of the output video to MP3. There are over 32 kinds of video codecs, like H.264, H.263, H.263+, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 Part 2. You can choose one of them, or adjust the video quality of the output file

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Unlock the full potential of YouTube with MassTube, your main to grab YouTube video. MassTube helps you:
* Download any YouTube video in FLV, MP4, 3GP, WebM (WMA, MP3, OGG, AAC) or 3GP formats.
* Download in auto mode. No stop/start button, no media browser – only 1 button click.
* Choose output format in supported: FLV, MP4, WebM, MP3, OGG, AAC.
* Run in background, pause, stop and open the downloaded video quickly.
* Download in history. Clear your history, export to file and import at another time.
* Copy video link for this and other video files.
* Right-click to download and run in offline.
* Bookmarks support.
* Cut a part of video and download the clipped video.
* Detect resolution, audio format, video format.
* Compression.
* Choose between two download engines.
* Define URL proxy.
* Schedule download to a time.
* Search by keyword, and add/remove to favorites.
* Fast, no ads, no popups.
* No elements.
* No language.
* No wait-for-loading.
* No popups.
* Customize to your taste.
* Memory and Processor were little impact.

Download fm radio app for mobile phones and tablets that supports user defined channel lists. Now you can browse radio channels and listen without the need of internet connection. You can now tune, listen, and download any radio channel to your device without spending a cent.
Apps With Similar Features • User defined channel lists
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* Streaming – enjoy smooth radio listening without buffering and waiting.
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✓ Radio Player UI: Use any screen for listening to radio. No need to open another app.
✓ User defined channels: Create your own channel list by tuning to favorite channels.
✓ Local Listeners: Plug your device to the speakers and listen to radio.
✓ Online Listeners: Stream online radio stations through WiFi.
✓ Ability to download: Download any channel to your device and listen to it later.
✓ Battery Saver: Multi-Payer Scheduled Playbacks for Battery Saving.

MassTube Crack + Torrent

Easy to use program for mass downloading from Youtube.
Holds video links from video sites like youtube, facebook, and many more.
Easy to use program with easy to use keybords, and most of them you will find on any PC.
More then 800 video format supported.
Simple interface, and every command has simple instructions.
It has a built-in YouTube video downloading engine, has history, can share videos to other apps, and can play videos in-line.
A lil bit difficult to get video files from youtube, but if you can, you will find this program a must have.

Here you can download the latest version 1.8.1 (2016-01-13) of the Addon-Manager (v1.8.1.0) for Firefox. It was added 1085 days ago and last updated 1085 days ago. You can try downloading any of the add-ons in the Firefox Add-ons Manager.

This addon is a pure addon manager, which means it simply serves as a launcher for other addons that are installed. If you do not like this, it can be quite annoying. In addition, it can sometimes simply create more problems than it fixes. This update brings necessary changes to addons as well as a fix for the problem where you cant change an addon again (except for sign out).

How do I use Addon-Manager?
Simply press the “Extras” button on top of your browser and click “Addon-manager”, that’s it.
How can I find available Addons?
Click the “Extras” button on top of your browser and click “Addon-manager”, that’s it.

What’s new in this version?
-Added the unofficial Image-Bar from WABURAHO, that fixes the old bug that the font-size was changed when the page is resized.
-Updated the version of Addon-updater-manager that I used to update a local addon.
-Added the WABURAHO addon-manager support for the ugly addon notification bar addon.
-Added the WABURAHO addon-manager to daraufapps for a better addon-manager.
-Added the WABURAHO addon-manager for the old addon-manager that I used.

What’s new?
Each addon is now a seperate file and instead of calling like before, it is now clicked.

What’s New in the?

-Download YouTube videos to local computer
-Convert downloaded YouTube videos to other formats(FLV, MP4, 3GP).
-Specify video resolutions and audio codecs.
-Automatically start next download when previous download completed.
-History list and Auto-save history list.
-Specify default video player and player path.
-Customizable skin.
-Choose to open downloaded files with player with video player.
-Choose to open downloaded files with system explorer.
-Set proxy server.
-Split videos, extract audio.
-Granular time limit.
-Option to set playback speed.
-Option to disable the download progress.
-Resume a previously paused download.
-Option to set no password.
-Option to set password.
-Show downloaded files.
-Share downloaded file to the social network.
-Option to set saving path.
-Extract video and audio from video.
-Show the status of the download by percentage.
-Option to set external download.
-Switch to external download when link expired.
-Download YouTube Video to HD.
-Download YouTube Video by one link.
-Download videos in specific directories.
-Request to display the previous download list.
-Show video information.
-Show image information.
-Show video tags information.
-Show video description.
-Show download history.
-Show previous downloaded video settings.
-Show video download location.
-Show video channel info.
-Show extra information.
-Save download settings.
-Check your video settings.
-Open download link by default.
-Automatically download and open this video when it played the first time.
-Automatically play this video in the default video player.
-Automatically play a video in the downloaded file.
-Automatically open this video when the system starts.
-History list and Auto-save history list.
-Show the video content of the file.
-Manually start a download.
-Run a local server to save all the downloaded videos.
-View various YouTube videos that have been downloaded.
-View video’s memory size.
-View the video as a local file.
-Only download the video that you want.
-Only download videos that has expired link.
-Only download the video that is played.
-Only download the playlist that you want.
-Only download videos

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit/Windows XP 64-bit
Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz or better
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 1024 MB GPU compatible with DX10
Storage: 2 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
Additional Notes:Handley Fattin
William Handley Fattin (1897–1967) was an American architect. He is best known for his work on the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania Station in New York

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