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OpenBibleViewer Portable Crack Free Download 2022 [New]

openBibleViewer Portable is a new software for mobile devices that is equipped with a wide collection of Bible reading resources. Its users can quickly and efficiently read the Bible, study a word of the day and much more.
The application is a fast and easy-to-use tool that allows you to study the Bible online and offline.
If you are looking for an easy to use Bible application you are at the right place.
– You can read any Bible from the world with the user-friendly interface
– You can read free, online e-books from the field of theology, psychology, Bible commentaries and much more
– You can read the Bible and study a word of the day
– The program has a useful tool for online dictionaries
– The software allows you to create note, bookmark, outline, video file, audio file of the Bible and much more.
– You can bookmark your favorite passages to get back to them later
– The application is well-equipped with different resource libraries and tools to help you study and compare the Bible.
– You can read the Bible as a book, view the Bible by verse, chapter, sentence or word
– If you look for a cross-platform software that can save all your data and documents on the device
– The software has both a simplified and traditional interface.
– You can also create a word of the day
The application is so user-friendly that it allows you to study online or offline.
It has many useful tools.
You can download the openBibleViewer Portable right now and get to reading!
***openBibleViewer Portable is absolutely free for personal use***
What’s New in this version:
– optimize settings
– fix the bug when reading the book
– fix the bug when viewing the inside of the book
– fix the bug when previewing the book
New in this version:
– optimize settings
– fix the bug when reading the book
– fix the bug when viewing the inside of the book
– fix the bug when previewing the book
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OpenBibleViewer Portable Download [Win/Mac] [March-2022]

openBibleViewer Portable is an advanced Bible study platform, which enables you to read the whole Bible from a single interface with the help of it. It’s a cross-platform software and can be used on any device that has a internet connection, such as PCs, Tablets and Smartphones. openBibleViewer Portable can be used to study any translation of the Bible with the help of its user-friendly interface.
openBibleViewer Portable gives you the possibility to read any part of the Bible from several different languages and to compare it with your own original text in the same time.
You can also easily perform translations into different languages and easily perform translations in different directions, for example from Old to New Testament and vice versa. openBibleViewer Portable application is also very useful for people who are interested in editing and translation of Bible.
With this application you have an instant access to thousands of different Bible translations, including the most popular translations such as ASV, RSV, NASB, NIV, NET Bible, etc.
openBibleViewer Portable include:
* Can study all parts of the Bible in its original language or several other languages at the same time.
* User-friendly interface: To start reading the Bible you just need to press one button. For advanced users you have some extra buttons that you can use to perform different tasks.
* Translations in different directions: Option to read from the original text to any other translation at the same time.
* Compare with your own original text: The option to compare any translation of the Bible with your own original text.
* These translations:
– English
– German
– Greek
– Hebrew
– French
– Spanish
– Italian
– Polish
– Turkish
– Russian
* Scriptural references: The option to search within any passage from different versions of the Bible.
* The option to enable/disable the Bible and filters.
* The option to use audio or video clips as alerts.
* The option to take a screenshot of any page from the Bible or any passage of the Bible.
* The option to print any page from the Bible or any passage of the Bible.
* The option to read any book of the Bible in one of many languages (DBY format).
* The option to allow the Bible to read in one of many languages (DBY format).
* The option to translate any Bible passage from one language into any other language, and the

OpenBibleViewer Portable

openBibleViewer Portable Features:

View bible text simultaneously in a desktop browser or in a Portable Document Format (PDF) document.
Read Bible passages in a fullscreen view, by Bible chapters or by verses.
Display Bible dictionary entries in one of 12 languages supported by openBibleViewer.
Display the cross references of the current Wordviewer document.
Create your own Bible dictionary entries in the provided form.
“Edit” text displayed in a different colours, fonts, sizes…

Supported Languages
Currently 16 languages are supported by openBibleViewer Portable. See here the list of supported languages.

See Also
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Note: The free version of the software is called Bible Historique and can be found here.


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openBibleViewer Portable Homepage

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What’s New In OpenBibleViewer Portable?

openBibleViewer Portable is a portable application that works everywhere there’s an internet connection.
It contains more than 600 different translation and study resources and each of them organized by Bible book or verse.
This collection of tools has been specially developed to improve your biblical knowledge.
Easy to use – just open the application, follow the instructions to select the book of the Bible that you want to study and then press the “Study” button.
Design – advanced interface that allow you to select the Biblebook and then the verse that you want to view.
Compatible – the interface is easy to read – the page is divided into a right and left part, with the right side containing the script and the left side the translation.
Linked – openBibleViewer Portable is linked to the Bible Gateway library, with each Bible book containing additional resources.
Book navigation – openBibleViewer Portable allows you to browse the Bible by book.
Search – The resource index is designed for your fast access and allows you to search through all the resources contained in openBibleViewer.
Overview – you can preview the entire Bible and quickly find the reference that you are looking for.
Help- it’s available via the integrated help.
OpenBibleViewer Portable Portable App
openBibleViewer Portable Portable Version : 0.7

openBibleViewer Portable Portable Version : 0.8

openBibleViewer Portable Portable Version : 1.0

openBibleViewer Portable Portable Version : 1.1

openBibleViewer Portable Portable Version : 1.2

openBibleViewer Portable Portable Version : 1.3

openBibleViewer Portable Portable Version : 1.4

openBibleViewer Portable Portable Version : 1.5

openBibleViewer Portable Portable Version : 1.6

openBibleViewer Portable Portable Version : 1.7

openBibleViewer Portable Portable Version : 1.8

openBibleViewer Portable Portable Version : 1.9

openBibleViewer Portable Portable Version : 2.0

openBibleViewer Portable Portable Version : 2.1

openBibleViewer Portable Portable Version : 2.2

openBibleViewer Portable Portable Version : 2.3

openBibleViewer Portable Portable Version : 2.4

openBibleViewer Portable Portable

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
CPU: 2.4 GHz (Intel® Core™ i5-4670 or AMD equivalent) or faster
GPU: DirectX® 11 compatible card
DirectX: DirectX® 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection and enough storage space to install the game.
What’s New:
• Addition of new characters like Lilch, Lok, Onry, Raven

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