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* _John Wiley & Sons, Inc.:_ _Photoshop CS2 Complete: The Pro’s Guide to Shooting and Editing for Digital Imaging_, by Kirk Tuckman.

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There are lots of tutorials out there, but only a handful of them consider the most important things that you need to know to get started. This is the definitive guide on getting started with Photoshop Elements. This is meant to be a standalone guide that covers everything you’ll need to know to get started and not the same as tutorials you’ll find on the Internet because everything here has been carefully considered and tested.

Please note that although this guide is for Photoshop Elements 14, it will still help you with any version you may have. Make sure to check the official site of Adobe Photoshop Elements for the latest version.

#1 – Get Photoshop Elements

If you are not already familiar with the Elements suite, then you will need to go to the Adobe website and download it. Photoshop Elements can be downloaded as a package, which has versions for Windows, Mac OS and Ubuntu.

#2 – Get Photoshop Online

Download it directly from the Adobe website. It’s a standalone application and it has all of the features of the full version of Photoshop that you’ll need.

#3 – Register

In order to get the online features working with your computer, you’ll need to register. You will be asked to provide personal and account information.

#4 – Get Started

Once the registration is complete, go to the welcome screen and click on Get Started.

You will get to the Photoshop Elements Welcome screen.

Choose the type of computer you have.

Choose a product key.

You can choose whether you want a single- or a multi-user license.

Choose a product language and location.

#5 – Get Started

After you click Get Started, you will be taken to the Get Started with Photoshop Elements tutorial.

#6 – Choose a File

Click on the little pencil icon (or the top left icon) in the top toolbar.

Click on the left-hand panel on the top toolbar and choose Photoshop Elements Layers and Files.

You will see the folders containing all of the pictures you’ve imported into Photoshop Elements.

You will see the folders containing all of the pictures you’ve imported into Photoshop Elements.

#7 – Import a Picture

Click on the file you want to add.

Click on Open to start the process of importing your image.

#8 – Choose the Layer

Photoshop CC 2018 PC/Windows (Updated 2022)

To use a brush, select one in the toolbox. To use a stencil, start with a new document, and then click the artboard to activate it, and choose Stencil and Choose a Stencil. Choose a wide brush or a narrow brush depending on the image, and then change the size of the brush head. The canvas size is controlled by the Width and Height options on the Options bar.

After you’ve painted with a stencil, you’ll see the options displayed in the Layers panel:
Click the Pattern Layer to hide that layer, and then choose the Stencil Layer to display it again. Double-click the Pattern Layer to choose what you want to do with the paint. You can quickly find out what operations are available by choosing an option at the top of the panel.

You can choose different stencils that you’ve drawn in previous sessions or erase existing ones. Start by selecting the stencil, and then select the Clear Canvas option on the panel to erase the canvas and preview your work on the new canvas.

Sometimes you want to keep a pattern visible in order to fix areas of an image that are difficult to edit. Since the opaque Painted Layer fills the entire canvas, you can choose the Pattern Layer option in the Layers panel to make the layer semi-transparent, and then do your repair work.

The Eraser tool allows you to erase areas of an image that you’ve selected and painted on with a brush. You can use the Eraser to fix badly warped or damaged pixels or to remove people and other objects in the picture.

The Eraser tool works a bit differently from the usual eraser found on the drawing board of most graphic design programs. Erase the areas of the canvas that you want to keep, and then paint in the unwanted areas. Before you paint, press the Eraser button to see the options displayed in the Options bar:
The Select by Color option is useful for customizing the Eraser tool’s appearance. In this example, you could select the color black and the Tool option on the Options bar to get a more gray-ish look to your eraser, or use the brush, gradient, or solid gradient tools to create a color you like.

You can use the Eraser tool to remove the gray and red areas from the face in the previous example. The thin lines of the brush, the width of the eraser, the grayscale selected in the Select

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