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1. Open your document by choosing File → Open or pressing Ctrl+O (⌘-O on a Mac). In the Open dialog, navigate to a location on your computer where you have an image and open it.

This is a digital camera image.

2. Choose File → Save. In the Save As dialog box, navigate to the next screen on the right, and then select the Photoshop (psd) format from the Format drop-down menu on the left (see Figure 19-1).

Figure 19-1: You can save the image as a Photoshop (.psd) file.

You can also create Photoshop (PSD) files by opening a Photoshop (.psd) file. For details, see Figure 19-2.

The current version of Photoshop is 10.0.

The Save As dialog box is quite complex. If you click the down arrow for the Preview check box on the left, you get the full-window version, as shown in Figure 19-3, which is helpful in previewing the result.

Figure 19-2: You can open a Photoshop (.psd) file and save it as a Photoshop (.psd) file.

The Photoshop.psd format is the standard for Windows users because it’s a native file format. However, Mac users can save and open.psd files as well.

Figure 19-3: The preview window gives you a visual preview of your image.

Your image has an upper-right corner window that includes the following controls:

* icon: Click to close the window and return to your working image.
* menu: Click the cross in the upper-right corner of the preview window to open the Creative Cloud menu, which enables additional view and editing options.
* bar: You can resize the window by dragging the four vertical bars that extend from the edges of the window. You can also pan the image by dragging the horizontal bar near the top of the window.

You can see the tools available in Figure 19-4. In addition to the standard tools that appear in all Photoshop images, you may see toolboxes near the top and bottom of the window. A toolbox displays a group of tools and their options when you place the cursor over the toolbox.

Figure 19-4: You can zoom and select text, resize the window, and more.

## Adjusting

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Despite the decline in users, it still has a following of over 2.5 million enthusiasts who will often use a combination of the command line and the mouse.

For photographers, Photoshop Elements has various functions that may be of use.

Annotate Images

It’s one thing to take photographs, but another to take the time to edit your pictures afterwards. Photoshop Elements can be a very useful tool when working with your photographs.

One of the most useful parts of Photoshop Elements is its ability to annotate your photographs. It has many tools you can use to draw on or highlight various areas of your photos. These are:

Pen Tool

Pen Tool with preset colors

Drawing brush

Rectangular selection

Lasso selection

Highlighting tools





Adjusted curves




Blend If

Blend If with Luminance


Tone Curve




Wet/dry masking

It has many other more basic annotation tools that are used for outlining or highlighting when drawing with the Pen tool.

Photoshop Elements can also be used for freehand sketching. The Pen tool can be configured to allow you to draw freehand or use preset colors. You can also use this tool to overlay and fill in custom shapes.

Using Pen Tool

Open an image in Photoshop Elements (File – Open). The image opens in a new window.

Open the Pen Tool (Window – Pen)

Bring the pen tool window to front (Command + Tab)

Make sure that the settings window is visible (Command + U)

Make sure that there are no pencil marks on your page (Command + D)

Start drawing on the photograph using the Pen tool and erase the pencil marks with the Eraser tool (Command + E)

Note: The Eraser tool is useful if you need to remove pencil marks that were added in earlier sections.

You can change the color of the brush that the Pen tool uses by using the Preset Colors and Grayscale options, found under the Tools menu.

When using the Pen tool, it is possible to create a new layer and draw on it. To do this, hold the Command key (on the

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Javascript- Prototype Function

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It is possible but, like usual with prototypes in JS, it is not the best idea. If you’re planning to reuse the function “do” over other objects that may have a need for something similar, your code will be much more readable if you simply use a regular function.
If you really want to use a prototype, use it this way :
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function Object( funcName ) { = funcName;
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System Requirements:

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DirectX: Version 11
Console: Xbox One
Xbox 360
Quote: Flashing with the latest build for all classes, you can start to see some of the improvements we have made.
We have worked on improving many of the existing features, such as the art

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