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The name Photoshop has become something of a catchphrase for editing and manipulating images. To me, Photoshop is simply a powerful image manipulation program. Its wide use and reputation make it valuable to anyone who uses images in their work.

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# Don’t be fooled by the name Photoshop

Photoshop is not Photoshop. It’s very similar, but it has different features. The two have the same name because of their similar capabilities; the major difference is the programs’ strengths. They’re both programs with the ability to manipulate images, but Photoshop is more oriented toward professional image editing. It’s the gold standard for image editing.

* * *

## Scanning Images into Photoshop

The basic method for scanning images into Photoshop is to use the File ➤ Import option and select the scanned image file. Photoshop displays the image in the Recent Files pane in the Photoshop window.

If the image is the only type of file in your Recent Files, you see the upper-right thumbnail of the image. You can see the original image as well as any changes that have been made to it in the original file.

If you select the image in the Recent Files pane and change the Filters list in the bottom-right corner to Adjustments, you see a few options for adjusting the color balance and sharpness of the image, as shown in Figure 6-1. Choose your favorite settings for the image and click OK.

You may also see, if you open the original file, the _Original (no Filters_ ) or _Original_ filter, which is the same as the _File_ Filter. These filters create an image that looks like the original image, without any modifications to the image or possible exposure and color variations.

**Figure 6-1:** You can adjust the color balance and sharpness of an image using the Adjustments panel.

— | —

## Scaling and Resizing Images in Photoshop

As with most graphics programs, Photoshop includes the ability to resize images as part of its File ➤ Image Size dialog box, as shown in Figure 6-2. You can control the number of pixels along each side of the image and the number of times to repeat the image along its height and width.

**Figure 6-2:** You can resize images by adjusting how they’re repeated.

— | —

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This article has a list of the best photo editing programs that run in Windows and macOS.

1. Adobe Photoshop

Launched in 1987, Adobe Photoshop has been dominating the professional photography market since its launch. So far, it has sold more than 100 million copies.

Adobe Photoshop is famous for its exceptionally detailed editing tools. Photoshop is used for many kinds of editing tasks. From editing photographs to creating professional print design and so much more. It is used in the vast majority of cases for editing, adding, and compositing content.

However, Photoshop is not free. It costs a lot of money. But, it does pack a ton of features for an inexpensive price.

We will be listing the best Photoshop alternatives for Windows and macOS in this article. Whether you are looking for a free image editor or one that is cheap, we will cover a variety of software.

2. is a free online photo editor. It is owned by Microsoft and can only be used in the Microsoft Edge browser. However, the Photoshop-like features are more than enough for most people.

The application has a great flow and is easy to use. The editing tools in are similar to Photoshop in terms of quality.

It is best for RAW photo editing. For other types of editing, you can either upload a photo from your mobile phone or Google Photos.

The price of is free but it requires a Microsoft account. You can create an account by yourself or sign-up using Facebook or Google.

3. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is another photo editing tool for Windows and macOS. It is a powerful Photoshop alternative that is developed by the Pixelmator team.

Affinity Photo has a simple to use interface and contains various tools for editing RAW photos, RAW to JPEG conversion, RAW to JPEG, and retouching tools.

It is very easy to use for beginners and has a large community of resources. It is very easy to navigate and all of the tools work well.

The tools are not as detailed as in Photoshop but the interface is simple.

Affinity Photo can be used for free as long as you are under its free evaluation period. If you purchase it, it will cost you around $40 and you will receive a 60-day trial after it has been installed.

4. Fotor

Fotor is an online

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System Requirements For Photoshop CS6:

Windows 7/8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit)
1 GHz Processor
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible GPU
20 GB available hard disk space
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Other: VB 9
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card, 7.1 or later speakers
Miscellaneous: A regular serial or USB cable (2.0 or above) to connect the keyboard
A DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with at least 2048MBна-русском/photoshop-2021-version-22-2-incl-product-key-2022-new/

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