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* **Painter:** This is the pen-based version of Photoshop for drawing and painting basic images. Like Photoshop, it has layers and the ability to create 3D effects. Although Painter isn’t a full-fledged editing program, it’s an excellent option to quickly touch up images.

* **Creative Cloud:** This special set of apps in Photoshop is part of a subscription. Photoshop CC offers cloud-based versions of all the tools you’ve come to love, including layers, brushes, and filtration. It also allows for the sharing of online projects with your clients, which is a handy feature. When you need a special illustration or image, visit to find a suitable product for your creative needs.


Photoshop CC 2014 was introduced in November 2014. The Creative Cloud offerings are a subscription service that are included in the new release of Photoshop, with a monthly fee of $10 per month, $100 per year, or $1200 for a full year. At the time of this writing, the full Creative Cloud bundle is $10 per month, but the apps have been separated into four sections, which will contain the same apps Photoshop has always contained, just in a new version. Photoshop CC has already received rave reviews.

* * *


The very first step in producing professional art is to pre-produce your art. If you’re designing a T-shirt or a logo, pre-production starts with a pen drawing. You need to know the shape, colors, and styles of the product you are designing.

If you’re doing a commercial, pre-production should be handled by an art director and a design director. They are the ones who know the budget, the client, the deadline, and any special printing instructions. They will decide who will do the art work, where, and when it will be created. They will also make sure that the art meets the specifications of the client.

* **Pre-production:** If you’re creating an illustration, you may want to start by drawing the picture on paper, on a computer, or on a light box. You want to make sure that you create a good foundation for the image or design.

You can check the margins for proportions and the page layout for overall balance.

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Photoshop and Elements are best suited to people who edit or create high-quality images or who work in multimedia. Photoshop and Elements are, therefore, ideal for beginners who do not want to spend huge amounts of time and effort learning how to use a full-fledged photo-editing program. People who learn to edit images using Elements do not need to learn how to use Elements to edit images.

If you are an advanced user, Elements may be a good choice to edit lower-quality images. Additionally, if you do not need many high-quality features, it is great value to access Photoshop on a subscription basis.

You can use Photoshop for creating new images, but, because it is designed specifically for creating images, its features tend to be more limited. Photoshop can also be used to create high-quality images from photographs.

Elements can also be used to edit and create images, but the features that are included in Elements tend to be limited. You will use Elements to edit and create lower-quality images more than you would use Photoshop. You will use Photoshop to create your best images. The two programs work together very well.

The following is the order in which you will use Photoshop and Elements for most of your editing and creating.

Creation: If you create an image, you should use Photoshop Elements. If you do not create images, you will use Photoshop.

There are many great tools included in Photoshop Elements.

You can use Elements to edit images that you are working on in Photoshop. You can edit them immediately in Photoshop Elements. You can export your images to your computer at any time.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is ideal for creating lower-quality images. It is designed for people who do not need to create a lot of high-quality, edited images. However, you can also use Photoshop Elements to create high-quality images from photographs.

What You Can Do in Elements

The following are the highlights of what you can do in Photoshop Elements.

You can edit:

Color using Levels

Adjust the levels of colors and shadows and highlights. You can apply the changes instantly.

You can apply the changes instantly. Apply color variations

Use filters

Effects such as blurring, defogging and sharpening

Color tools

Add text

Add shapes

Add layers

Draw, place, and combine pictures


Free Transform

Add lines

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It can also be used to blend colors.
The Eraser tool allows you to remove unwanted objects, such as unwanted highlights and blurs.

You can also use the gradient tool to control and blend colors.
The Gradient tool can be used to control and blend colors. The tool’s gradient color choices can be determined using the Select Color tool.
The Blur tool can be used to add blurs to images. You can set the radius of the blur using the Radius value in the Blur dialog box.
The Sharpen tool can be used to make images and objects appear more crisp.

The healing brush can be used to repair blurred or damaged images.

The Dodge and Burn tools allow you to add varying degrees of color or texture to an image.
You can use the Dividing can be used to apply a one or multipass gradient over an image or over another image, allowing you to blend multiple images together.

You can also use the Paint Bucket tool for a variety of effects.

There are also several important keyboard shortcuts that can save you time when working with Photoshop. For example, the Ctrl + Alt + Shift + U or ⌘ + ⌥ + Shift + U keyboard shortcut will convert an image from RGB to grayscale mode, and Ctrl + Shift + U or + Shift + U will convert an image from grayscale to RGB.

See also

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Adobe Premiere Pro


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What’s New In?

This will be the last of these weekly posts with the tagline about finding the stinkiest place in the universe, but it may be the last time I post about this topic for some time. But first, some good news: I get to move to Texas on the 14th, which will be just two weeks away and allow me to spend some time wandering about my new home in beautiful central Texas. Some bad news: As fate would have it, I’m moving when Steve Jobs’ funeral is taking place in California, which could turn into a tiff if one of us might want to attend the funeral.

If you saw my last post, you would realize I’ve become a bit obsessed with socks and portable refrigerators. So while this week may seem like more of the same, I did manage to find a few new items that I think are worth noting:

New Smell: OK, I admit, it’s not as bad as the stinkiest place in the universe in this post (which some of you may have guessed is this place), but I thought I’d share these socks. I found them in a Target store a couple of weeks ago, but all of the ones in the store had either big holes or smelled really bad. I brought them home, exchanged my two pairs of stinkiest socks for them, and got a whiff. Not as bad as I expected. I think that’s pretty good considering how ripe some of the socks in the Target store were.

Online Sensation: I watched the trailer for the movie “The Wicker Man” this week. Since I’m always on the lookout for posts about the movie “The Wicker Man”, I like to check out the trailer. I think I’ve seen every version, but I haven’t seen this one yet, which has a beautiful set from “Star Wars Episode II”, and awesome special effects from “World War Z”. One of the scenes in the trailer reminded me of some of the scenes from “The Wicker Man”, namely:

2. The man in the dock dressed in cowboy clothes and wearing a hat. He’s leaning back against the dock and is wearing a pair of leg braces.

3. The young girl carrying a parasol in the final scene on the beach, when her father turns back to look at the scene, and she takes off her hat. She puts her hat back on when her father turns back around.

4. When the wicker man (i.e. the bad

System Requirements:

Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2520M processor or AMD® FX-6350 processor or better (or a Core i5-3520M or AMD FX-6350E processor)
RAM: 8GB (or 16GB for online multiplayer game modes)
Storage: 500 GB free space available
Additional Notes:
1. The video and audio file provided with the release may not be used for commercial purposes.
2. For the first time, the game is sold as a Steam-to-Steam game, so you

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