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Creating an Image

In Figure 2.1, you can see that Photoshop has a menu bar with the icons for File, Edit, View, Window, and so on. Figure 2.1 also shows the workspace and the panels.

**Figure 2.1** Using Photoshop to create and edit an image.

To open and create a file, you start by opening the _New_ menu at the top-right corner of the Photoshop window, as seen in Figure 2.2. Next, navigate to the _File_ menu, as seen in Figure 2.3, to select from the two options:

**Figure 2.2** The _New_ menu allows you to open files.

**Figure 2.3** Select a file to open.

• Save (File) to save the image in a file folder of your choosing.

• Open (File) to open an existing file.

• Open Recent (Window) to open a file in a recent window or folder location.

• New (File) to create a new file.

When you select _New_ from the _File_ menu, you see a dialog box with an image thumbnail and three tabs, as shown in Figure 2.4.

**Figure 2.4** Click the _New_ icon (top right) to open a dialog box.

• File (or Image): Selects an image or photo from your hard drive.

• Camera Raw: This is the default. The image will open directly to the Camera Raw dialog box.

• Open: This option opens your browser and directs you to the Image Capture section of the new service You

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Preset and Photo Browser

When you have to open a new image for editing in Photoshop Elements you’ll see a Preset or Photo browser. This is where you’ll find all the templates and presets for your new image.

The Presets are known as bundles of pre-sets, adjustments, and effects. They are usually based on a type of image, something like a photo-bud, a business card, a children’s book, an abstract photo, etc.

The same applies to the Photo browser, you’ll be able to find the images you need and make adjustments or actions according to what you want to do.

You can also create and edit presets, actions, sliders and masks from scratch.

Working with files

Photoshop Elements comes with a file explorer and multiple toolbars that extend the workspace. You can open files, select them for editing, and make changes to them using the tools available in Photoshop Elements.

Sometimes Elements displays the errors in the images, such as:

“Sorry, we could not find the file you selected.”

“This item could not be opened.”

“The type of file you selected is not compatible with the current settings of this application.”

Photoshop Elements lets you edit your photos and the features you need in a quick and intuitive way.

Getting to know Elements

You’ll find an easy interface to use in Photoshop Elements. You can start by opening your files and working with them using the tools available in the interface.

In this first video I’ll show you how to open a new image and start working in Photoshop Elements.

Open a new image

To open a new image in Photoshop Elements, click on the Open button in the top toolbar:

The Image tab will appear on the right, which will display the contents of the folder the image is in:

To open the folder that contains the image you want to edit, click on the Go to Folder button next to the Image tab:

The image you want to open will appear on the workspace:

Another option is to click on the Browse button next to the Image tab:

This will open a file explorer window on the right side of the workspace where you’ll be able to open any folder you want:

In this video we’ll

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The SPCA of San Bernardino County has received about 40 cases a year of cats that have had their hips or shoulders surgically reduced for luxating patellas, which is caused by poorly developed ligaments.

While that’s a surgery that has become increasingly common, it involves a procedure that involves sedating the cat, often to the point where it loses consciousness, for hours. That means recovering the cat doesn’t happen for a month or two.

Those cats could also be in pain for years, said Dr. Dennis Schroeder of Laguna Hills, who is running an investigation of the practice. He said cat owners often don’t report the surgeries until they’re conscious, often after the procedure is finished, and often don’t understand the real cause of the cat’s pain.

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The group released a study Thursday that said the surgeries often lead to a lifetime of pain for the cats.

RELATED: Why isn’t the low-cost, high-volume surgical reduction of luxating patellas a standard of care for cats?

Animal advocates said that the surgeries have become more common as veterinarians have become increasingly comfortable performing them and have expanded the list of patients who can be treated.

They note that the surgeries, which have been performed for a decade or two in some parts of the country, have become commonplace in California.

Eugene Matyas, senior vice president of the Humane Society of the United States in Washington, D.C., said that California veterinarians are among the leaders in the country for performing the surgeries.

“They’re definitely the leaders,” Matyas said.

Chris Reynolds, a Sacramento attorney who represented the animal rights group in a lawsuit against the owners of a Laguna Hills veterinary hospital that performed the surgeries, said that the surgeries were part of an effort to expand veterinary care.


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