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mykdawn d868ddde6e darinev – 30/01/2022. Anyway, I don’t want to scare anyone, but I see that at every turn, no matter what happens, they try to impugn us.
What is this trend?
It’s not just a trend, it’s, I would say, a way of thinking.
You know what a way of thinking is.
A way of thinking is a set of ideas and knowledge with which a person tries to solve some problem.
This totality is subjective, but people at least try to solve their problems.
With you, with your generation, it’s different.


Took a quick look at the source code, and it looks like it’s missing additional members to parse the JSON properly. So the following parse function should at least get you going in the right direction.
let parseJSON = (input: string): Result[] => {
let serializer = new JsonSerializer();
let stringData = input as string;
let json = jsonData.ReadJson((err, data) => {
if (err) {
console.error(‘err’, err);
throw err;
if (data) {
data = data.toString();
let result = serializer.Deserialize(json, { objectType: List });
let newResult = [];
for (let item of result) {
let object = {};
for (let k in item.ParsedObject) {
object[k] = item.ParsedObject[k];
return newResult;

And the Result class like this
export class Result {
public Key: string;
public SubKey: string;
public Desc: string;
public PaddedDesc: string;
public File: string;
public Url: string;
public Ext: string;
public Validated: boolean;

public Return(): any {
let obj = {};
this.Key = this.Key || ”;
this.SubKey = this.SubKey || ”;
this.Desc = this.Desc || ”;
this.PaddedDesc = this.PaddedDesc || ”;
this.File = this.File || ”;
this.Url = this.Url || ”;
this.Ext = this.Ext || ”;
this.Validated = this.Validated || false;
obj.Key = this.Key;

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