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Have you ever been constantly looking for the completion of your apps or processes, but can’t find a solution to your predicament? You know that notifications can help you with keeping track, but that’s it.
You may be longing for a more detailed monitoring system, one that would tell you when specific processes have started, how far along they are and the percent complete, among a multitude of other useful information.
However, it may be the case that you are not in possession of your favorite developer’s wallet or that you simply don’t have enough time in your hand, in order to keep on top of an application of this type.
To help you with the situation, we developed Tell When Done.
We made an application that can tell you when a process has started, how far it is and its percentage. You can also set pre-defined rules for notifications, as well as use your own.
It is available for both Android and IOS, and can easily be set up to work for you.
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It can’t get any simpler than this. No ads, no tracking, no cookies. It’s just a small web client for checking when the activity is completed.
Useful Links:
Version 1.0.3:
Free – Google Play
******* PLUGIN LICENSE: *******
******* You can use the plugin for free. You just don’t have to share the source code. But its so much nicer if you share the source code.
******* BUY PLUGIN LICENSE: *******
******* If you need this plugin for more than one project, I want to make a more business friendly version of the plugin. So you can buy a license for any one project only. That license is $34.. But that is for personal use only.
******* Mention my name if you used my code in a project. Thanks.
******* Facebook Fan Page:
******* Google + Page:
******* Instagram:
******* Twitter:
TIP: The “inx_notifier” plugin can help you to do this activity.
You can download the plugin free on:

Enjoy the video and share it if you found it useful!

Hello friends! In this video you will learn how to install DD4T on MVC website which is based on framework 4.5 or higher. It will be explained how to install the required components and also how to configure settings so that it will work. I have used Visual Studio 2017 for creating the website.
Here we go:
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3. After creating the project, now you need to install the DD4T so go to the portal and search the DD4T package and install it.
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Tell When Done Crack For Windows

Symbolic images are used in the app to alert users of relevant information

User interface is easy to adjust and navigate

User can select images from the application’s native library

It works by using hotkeys for selecting a running process and providing notification for the same

In addition, the process is also able to pick-up on your actions and give you a notification for it

There are pre-defined notifications, as well as those that can be customized

While it doesn’t come with pre-defined rules for notification, the app has the ability to detect and notify you regarding your task, based on the said criteria

Pros and Cons


Simple to use and navigate

Usage of hotkeys ensures that this application does not get in your way

The system doesn’t impose any additional delay for the running process

The notifications can be customized

There’s an option to select images from the application’s native library

The application comes with a series of pre-defined notification rules, which can be controlled via the hotkey


The lack of pre-defined notification rules could be problematic

The lack of customization could create problems for users who need to select their own images

In case you’re an occasional user who’s not familiar with the application, this wouldn’t provide you with a full-time alert for your active processes


If you’re a fan of customization, then Tell When Done might not be for you

If you’re looking for a way to stay up-to-date with the status of your active processes, this application could be of use

Product Reviews

Tell When Done Review

So. Many. Features.

Jan 30, 2020

By 1youknowme91

This post needs more than a simple review, as it actually has literally hundreds of features. This app is a very simple tool for tracking and scheduling things, and is well-presented. The on-screen help system is pretty good, and the examples are pretty helpful. It’s easy to navigate, and it just generally works well.
The only thing that’s not perfect is the notifications. For one, they can be interrupted by actual sounds. Another downside is that the notifications are, by default, silent. The global setting is that the app can be

What’s New In?

Tell When Done is a simple yet effective application for Windows, which offers users a way of managing their active processes. This can include both downloads and applications, and due to the fact that there are no other options left for customization, the application’s limitations should not be a problem for most users.
Furthermore, since it offers notifications for the completion of processes, users can choose whether they want to be notified by sounds, message boxes, or even a custom action.
Who is Tell When Done for?
Tell When Done is designed to offer users with a better way of keeping track of, and monitoring their active processes, mainly through its notifications.
What do I get with Tell When Done?
Once the process creation is done, the application will offer users with a simple message, letting them know when the process is running, due, or when it has finished.
What are the different apps I can use with Tell When Done?
Users can choose to run their processes, in the background, from the Windows taskbar, hotkeys, or through custom set-ups, which will directly link to the window.
✔ Automatically monitors, and notifies you of active processes.
✔ Configurable notifications.
✔ A lot of custom actions for the various notifications.
✔ Can be easily setup with a few clicks on your device.
✔ Highly customizable notification sound.
✔ Choose between sound and no-sound notifications.
✔ Free to try with no additional costs.
✔ Available on Windows
✔ Available on Android
✔ Available on iPad and iPhone
✔ Available for free.
Google Play • iTunes • Amazon Appstore • Windows Store • Windows

My Device Hardware Test (AMD Pro-350)
Hello everyone, welcome to my website and thank you for taking the time to read my review of the AMD PRO-350.
I give the owner’s manual, the warranty information and a test that I will perform on the device.
AMD PRO-350 Owner’s Manual
AMD PRO-350 Warranty Information
AMD PRO-350 Test Performed
I invite you to read the following information in this review, I recommend this device to everyone my friends and/or family.
AMD PRO-350 Testing As I just said in the introduction of this review I invite you to read the following information in this review, I recommend this device to everyone my friends and/or family.
Let’s start with the graphics card…

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, or 7. (Sorry, Mac users!)
50 MB HD space
Compatible controllers include:
Xbox 360 controller
Wii Dual Shock 3
Wii U Pro Controller
Nintendo 3DS XL
You must have VR headset support.
Included with Steamworks:
VR Controller support
Controller remapping (most vr controllers have their controls mapped to the keyboard)

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