The Right Yaaa Wrong Dubbed In Hindi Movie Fix Download Torrent

The Right Yaaa Wrong Dubbed In Hindi Movie Fix Download Torrent


The Right Yaaa Wrong Dubbed In Hindi Movie Download Torrent

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Yaaa Wrong is based on the 2008 Bollywood Movie The Namesake about a young girl & her father who belong to a Hindu Indian family living in a middle class / upscale gated community in India who have no problem talking to their guests as long as they are white Americans. Wrong is based on the wrongs committed by the two countries.
The first film has been shot in 70mm.
It was released nationwide on 3 October 2011.
The film was later dubbed into Hindi, Tamil & Malayalam as “Yaaa Wrong”.


In the opening scene of Wrong, we see an aging Kim Hunter has just been released from prison and is picked up by a cab in the Bronx. As the taxi takes him home, Hunter suggests that he is “going to give those bastards the slip this time”. The driver resists, but Kim sets the destination and makes several attempts to pay, before putting his hand in his pocket and telling the driver to bring him his “wallet”. As the driver begins to leave, Kim realizes he hasn’t paid and calls after him. The driver swerves the taxi, knocking the old man against the door, which in turn knocks down the drivers’ side mirror. Kim’s son, J.B. (who is one year older than Kim and later becomes mistaken for a man named Joshua), comes to the door, wondering where his father is. Kim mumbles, but his son doesn’t understand. The youngest son Joe joins in from the street and hears only mumbles before he too disappears. Hunter is taken in by his daughter in the apartment and is quickly ushered to the bathroom. When he emerges, he asks about the whereabouts of Joe. She points out the bathroom, and she and Hunter go to bring Joe home from the high school where he is supposed to be. The car won’t start, and Hunter goes into the house and asks again where Joe is. Joe enters with the matriarch of the family, Mary (a young Chinese woman who speaks broken English and doesn’t understand why a man would want to buy their daughter’s son). Hunter tells her that her son is in the car, and she replies that he hasn’t been home for two weeks. There is a knock on the door, and when Joe answers, he sees the taxi driver standing outside. Joe sees him for the first time and calls out his name, and the young man runs off. As he is running, he is shot dead in front of his girlfriend by the police.

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