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Name The Surreal Imaginarium
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This musical project is done by a group of musicians who love old video games, classical music and film score.
Using information from both games and film, the group is creating music inspired by the 90s and early 2000s genres that had a large influence on the old RPGs.
Cave Story is a great inspiration to the group. The nostalgic and nostalgic feel of the game is especially driving force behind this project.
Using a limited number of effects, these unique sound sets are reminiscent of the 90s tech, and designed to fit even in an early game of that era.
“Musical flavors of life” is the group’s motto.
This project hopes to be the soundtrack for the long journey of the ordinary – life, work, friendship, love.
The tempo can change freely from in-game to out-of-game.
This soundtrack consists of your typical music, plus two other theme songs that will move through the scene the story is developing.
Enjoy your meal of music with a variety of emotions.
1. Quiet of Time
2. Suspicion
3. Illusion
4. Ambition
5. A Gentle Breeze Sips
6. Distant Days
7. My Foolish Loving
8. Danger
9. Brave Story
10. Lost Time
11. Now I’m Alone
12. I’ll Go Alone
13. I Loved You
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“The witching hour,” a small voice croaked out, “in the middle of the
night when


Features Key:

  • Multiplayer & Local Multiplayer on up to 2 devices simultaneously
  • MS Paint like drawing
  • Full color touch screen drawing
  • Color picker and custom color palette
  • No need for internet to play
  • Play anywhere with no internet connection
  • More than 80 original sounds
  • Play custom missions and dice rolls
  • In-depth tutorial and help
  • Dynamic AO, particle and local weather systems


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Zup! Zero 2 OST is a masterfully crafted journey in the Surreal Imaginarium of extraordinary entertainment. You will admire the beauty of its creations and experience the dynamic story arc of this cult classic. You will discover this magnificent world during a dark journey into a living, breathing organism. This is an extravagant original game. You will be immersed by the concept, the music, the colors, the exquisite artwork and by the soul of the people who passionately love to create. They work for all of us. The future of the game rests in your hands. Create your adventures and make memories.
Amour Amour, Amour!
About The Author
Ann Sharova – sound engineer
Ann Sharova has worked on games for many years as a sound designer, producer, mixer, musical director and sound engineer. Her experience includes working with pioneers in the field of audio technology and classical music, with legendary games, TV series, movies and commercial production. She is the creator of Zup! Zero, a game for which she was awarded the Drama Desk nomination. Besides that, Ann is a composer, artist and co-founder of a company which, alongside Zup! Zero, produces original games and produces events and shows. Ann has received several awards including the International Masters Game Composing Champion 2002 and 2009. In 2010, she was nominated for the Game Audio Network Guild Award for her work on The Surreal Imaginarium.
Zup! Zero is an independent game developed by Ann Sharova and Shlomy Kedem to be released in 2010. Zup! Zero was nominated for the Unreals Game Awards and won Best Soundtrack for 2009 and 2010.$Id: documentation.1,v 1.1 2013/04/21 00:48:51 bache Exp $

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