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“Game design is my life. I wanted to become a game artist at the age of seven. I studied graphics, electronics and mechanics.
Around the age of fourteen, I started my own software company to develop my first multi-platform game – a real-time strategy game which allowed the player to build anything he wanted in the game, as all the building was done in a real-time phase. It was called ‘Game BusinessMan’ (the name has nothing to do with the game though!)
The project lead me to a guest lecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Tech’s College of Computing. The professor saw my game and liked it and said, if I could learn to design games and get my own game studio, then he would be willing to teach me.
That’s how I got my first real job in game development and went to work for DreamWorks as a game designer.
But that was not the way it was meant to be.
My amazing college professor told me that he would help me set up my own company, if I wished so. So I quit my job at DreamWorks and went to college so I could write a business plan for my first game studio.
And here I am!
About TrackMania:
TrackMania is a racing game where you are responsible for your own fate. Control your man and win. A lot of effort was put in the tracks and the game engine.
The physics of the game are just as important as the graphics, so the tracks were designed to perform equally well across all platforms, but are now optimized on the Xbox, NGP and PS2.
In the past, it has been rumored that TrackMania would have an HD version, but this hasn’t been clear yet.
About TrackMania2:
This is the sequel to the prequel of the Fast Racing Game franchise. The years of the first game have proved to be an uphill struggle for this game.
With a new track developer and some real-time physics, the game has been optimized to show you again what a proper racing game should be.
A lot of work and time went into the tracks, the physics and the game engine. Tracks like the Pitloop and the Bumpy Mountain Road are a complete shot in the arm for the new game.
TrackMania2 is here to show what real racing is!
]]>Tue, 08 Dec 2007 00:00:00 -0600PlayTune, the music based puzzle game


Underworld Dungeon Features Key:

  • Brutal combat as you fight your way through hordes of fallen enemies.
  • Full moddable MOBA/RPG experience.
  • Easy to learn, hard to master.
  • Licenses

    MMOA – the MMO API


    MMOA is written in C# and uses the Unity3d engine for development and porting.

    All rights for the game ownership including copyrights, trademarks and patents are owned by August Games.

    You must have a personal account to get access to the beta access key. [b]Your account can be deleted at any time. However you will always have access to the beta that you have purchased. If you have an account for 9+ MMORPGs, you probably already have such an account. If not, you might want to think about why not, before you buy it :]


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    Download InstructionsPIRATE LAND Community Server (FLucIty) 19 Sep 2012 18:19:43 +0000articles51702

    <img src="


    Underworld Dungeon Crack

    Floodings is a turn-based strategy game where YOU become the president of Pakistan. The game kicks off just two weeks before the election. You feel confident that you will be re-elected and have another 5 years as President of Pakistan, but soon problems arise, and you must literally fight for your political life. Unless you show true statesmanship and rule with swiftness and determination, you will lose everything.
    Every decision you make in the game will affect the outcome. What you do to save the nation in its hour of need will ultimately determine whether you are elected President of Pakistan, or play for your political life. The game allows you to save, fight for the territories, provide aid, negotiate treaties with other countries or other players (with or without consent), surrender, strike at your enemies and many more decisions to choose from.
    The basic gameplay is presented as a simple turn-based strategy game, but with a unique twist. You must place each decision before you in the right order, as your decisions, in conjunction with other players’ decisions, can have a cascading effect that can eventually lead to either global domination, or total annihilation of the nation.
    Would you prefer it to be single-player, or would you like it to be a multiplayer game with human players?
    The Choice is yours!
    In a multiplayer game, up to three human players will be connected to one PC. Each player will control a country and will work to advance his country’s population, military and economy in order to become the undisputed world leader. Two players can cooperate and help each other out, or one player can work against the other players.
    Shuffling, flipping, pinching and pushing cards to move them around on the game board
    Can you handle the pressure?
    As the President of Pakistan, you will be using your best judgement to solve all the country’s problems. As you interact with other players, dealing with rebels, rebels and nuclear missiles, you will need to deal with other players’ whims, and cunningly manage all of their threats, demands and desires. You’ll have to use diplomacy, military power and trickery in order to win the game.
    You will need to solve a multitude of interlocking problems in the early game, before starting to fight for the other players’ territories and territories in the later stages of the game. It’s up to you to be the best President, by solving all of the crises and problems


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    The physics puzzle game you were waiting for.
    Lightbender game release notes:
    The physics puzzle game you were waiting for. Hundreds of unique puzzles. Fun levels to play at any time. Challenge your friends or family. Share your own unique puzzles with the community. Classic gameplay. No in-app purchases. No ads. No frustrating obstacles.
    Game “Lightbender” Features:
    – Hundreds of unique puzzles!
    – Play for free anytime!
    – Share your own puzzles with the community for free!
    – Challenge your friends in the ‘Challenge’ tab!
    – Simple controls. Just tap to move the light.
    – Get it now and enjoy the experience!
    For more great game reviews, you can also follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

    We have free time, but we have no energy, and we think that our boss is a nightmare, but we are paid based on the number of goals. Let’s solve the problem of mania and anxiety by tapping to move across the world. In this game, you control magic and there are various quests to be done. The game has two modes, touch screen, and running on a runner, but the game does not have a plot, so you have the interest. Use special power and magic by tapping. You can take photos, apply water, and drink milk with moves.

    Feel free to learn what do you want.

    Requirements:1. The device is Android 4.0 and above (or higher)
    2. The device is not rooted or jailbroken
    3. The phone is connected to the Internet

    You can tap in front of the eyes of the creatures around you and learn a lot of fun. There are many species and you can enjoy at the game in the egg. You can prepare eggs for test. But, you can only see the route at the egg a little, but you can go to the next egg by tapping. Don’t miss it!

    Requirements:1. The device is Android 4.0 and above (or higher)
    2. The device is not rooted or jailbroken
    3. The phone is connected to the Internet

    You can brush the air and spray. You can clean, wash and spray the items. You can select the size of the barrel, and you can refill the gun. You can learn the path of the arrow by tapping. But, you can not see the path only in the air, you


    What’s new in Underworld Dungeon:

    PS. It was a good little place to live, a pleasant way to live. The people of Leafwater believed in the gods and the gods believed in them. They were as happy and as powerful as any of the good little people of other lands and countries. They themselves did not believe that all the gods were as powerful as their own. They thought most of them were weaklings and pettinesses, more to be feared than to be honored.

    Under the orders of ‘King’ Stirman of Mt. Kitigan or “Mountain City” as some were wont to call his royal city, Leafwater was a great nation. Not as great as ‘The City of Lions’, the capital of the dominant tribe throughout the land. Neither did Leafwater have a rise like a spire, towers and blinking slanting windows like the palace of the Queen of ‘The City of Lions’.

    In Leafwater there were houses and roads and every other necessary building of a living city or town. There were fields and streams and lakes and forests and gardens. Apartments and stores of merchandise and markets and all the other things that people require for their survival. There were strict laws for the proper handling of milk, tea, and a fine assortment of grains, seeds and other natural things.

    The established rulers of Leafwater, the ‘Snow Leopards’ had their headquarters in the city at large. Throughout the countryside there were fortified in stone houses, towers and the like, and as the ‘Snow Leopards’ grew in number they would implement the construction of more fortified buildings. The city was the center of trade and all commerce was carried out or realized in the city. Leafwater was a place where “Live and Let Live.” Everyone was a dealer in one thing or another. Particularly business men, life was a juggle, from one deal to another deal with different parties.

    Lwanwas one of those merchants who had a single idea about business, and that was to make money. In Leafwater living was pleasure and pleasure was no profit. The smallest amount of profit was abundantly gratified.

    Lwanwas was a merchant who had settled in Leafwater the year he was twenty years old and since then had done well for himself. Lwanwas was a flat nose man who had not had the same amount of talk to generally prevail than a popular business person. Yet, not from his inability to talk. Just from the look on his face when he had the word and it had been


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    Stream Racer is an arcade racing game where you have to race with your followers across a variety of challenges to earn money. As you earn money, you can upgrade your car to be able to race more people.
    How to Play:
    Are you ready to be the best?
    -DirectX 10
    -2GB RAM
    -USB Keyboard or Gamepad
    -Sound Card
    -Unity 3D (any version up to 5.1.0f3)
    -Buttons 1 and 4
    -Graphic Settings:
    -Resolution: 800×600
    -Anti-Aliasing: FXAA
    -Allowed Devices:
    –Steam – <500 Users
    -Install as usual
    -Launch setup.exe
    -Follow the onscreen instructions
    -You will get an error: Failed to load vf_spatialize.dll
    -Try to copy vf_spatialize.dll from the unzipped contents to your Program Files directory and rebooting the game
    -Go to Graphics Settings and Change the Rendering Level to Settings.
    This will make the game run!
    -Go to Steam and Give the Game a Try!
    -Don't forget to rate us, please!
    -The team behind this awesome game

    Your new best buddy, Willy on Wheels
    the fastest rally in the galaxy.
    Willy on Wheels (WoW) is a crazy game where you can drive with a remote control. WoW is a game for both racing fans and beginners, it is very easy to play, easy to understand and the controls are quite natural.
    The game features realistic physics, a great background soundtrack, great graphic style and vivid colors and 50 different tracks.
    WoW features 2 different game modes
    Rally Mode: This mode is a race between you and your best friend. The goal is to get to the finish line first. The last one to cross the finish line will lose.
    Career Mode: In this mode you can unlock new tracks and cars. The goal is to win every rally.
    Willy on Wheels features a social network where you can like and follow other players on Facebook and Twitter.
    -Game and cars selection
    -Autos-Mode where you can choose different autos
    -Easy to play and control
    -Great game-modes Rally and Career
    -Facebook and


    How To Crack:

    • First of all, you must have.NET Framework 4.5 set as install prerequisite. If you don’t have this at this moment, check on Microsoft site to get it, you can reach it here:
    • Download the standalone version of Alone But Strong from here:
    • Extract it
    • Open the extracted folder with the.exe file of Alone But Strong
    • Create a shortcut to the.exe file
    • Note that you need to adjust registry to get your game work if you don’t want to see unique System information that unique to you computer, open File Explorer and goto:
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Windows NT>Current Version>Tuner
      Then right click on this and copy as a Default registry key
    • Open registry editor:
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER>SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Windows NT>Current Version>Tuner
      Then paste on Ctrl+A or press ALT+INS and Alt+BACKSPACE

    • Ammount your GAME’S folder in the same place, you can do it from Right Click > Imaged Folder or Alt+I
    • Double click you game’s icon
    • Create a shortcut to the game and please remember to adjust registry also to get it work
    • Enjoy by yourself!!!



    System Requirements:

    Minimum Specifications:
    Processor: Pentium 4 or equivalent dual core or faster
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Video: 256 MB DirectX 9.0 video card
    Hard Disk: 300 MB available space
    Input Devices: Keyboard & Mouse
    Sound: Windows Vista compatible sound card
    Additional: Windows 7 compatible sound card
    Additional: One game controller
    Additional: Internet connection required for some online features
    Recommended Specifications:
    Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent quad core or faster
    Memory: 4 GB RAM


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