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Some people charge very high prices for these tutorials. You’ll be much better off finding free or inexpensive tutorials online that teach you how to use Photoshop for a particular task. There are many free online tutorials available through the web that will teach you many different skills.

Photoshop’s Interface and Tools

Photo-editing programs like Photoshop work differently than CAD programs, like AutoCAD, in that they rely on icons for tools and rather than a keyboard for input.

The basic toolbars in Photoshop are the following:

Align: For horizontal and vertical alignment of objects on a layer

Arrange: To align layers, objects, and other elements

Convert: For changing types of information, including color and resolution

Fill: To fill an object with a color

Select: For selecting objects, paths, and other elements

Transform: To reshape or distort your image

Use Photoshop Elements to perform similar functions

Use the following icons to get the tools you need

Applying the commands in a group of tools is usually done through a keyboard shortcut. In the following list, I explain the commands in the tutorial, but you can find out about keyboard shortcuts here: www.adobe.com/go/photoshopkb

Align: To align layers in Photoshop, hold down the ALT (Windows) or CTRL (Mac) key and click an object with the ALT/CTRL/CMD/SHIFT key.

Invert Colors: To invert a color channel, hold down the Alt/Option/Ctrl key and click a layer with the Shift key, as shown in Figure 2-2.

Open: To open a file in Photoshop, hold down the SHIFT key and choose Open from the File menu.

To delete an object from a layer, select it and press DELETE (usually the key you would press to delete in a document editing program, like Microsoft Word).

Move: To move objects, hold down the ALT key and drag the object.

Resize: To resize an object, hold down the ALT key and drag the object.

Rotate: To rotate objects, hold down the ALT key and click the object, and then rotate the image by holding down the ALT key. Press SHIFT to rotate images left to right, and CTRL to rotate them up and down.

Sharpen: To sharpen an image by adjusting the lighting of

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Photoshop Free Trial

In order to make your experience more productive, Adobe has made a trial version of the program available. The trial is usually totally free so you can use Photoshop for free.

From the Adobe website, you can download a 30-day version of Photoshop.

The installation is easy and straightforward. After the initial installation is complete, you can continue using Photoshop as if you were a paid user. To activate your full license, just download the Adobe Software and use the License key. The license key is included in the Adobe Software.

Adobe Photoshop Free Trial Download

Software Installation

To install Photoshop Elements on your PC or Mac, download the software. You can download the latest version from the Adobe website. Once the file is downloaded to your computer, then open it and run the Photoshop installer.

If you want to change the default language during the installation, you can change it from the Language Settings at the final page of the installation.

Finally, after the installation is complete, Photoshop Elements will open with the Welcome Wizard.

The Welcome Wizard appears with two screens. Select the option that suits you best. In the first screen, you can see a video about Photoshop Elements. Then you can enter your information and click on the Finish button.

The next screen appears with a list of the features available in the program. You can choose what option you want. If you are a Photoshop beginner, then you can choose the Premium version, as it has more features and is more complex for the first users.

Photoshop Free Trial Features

Welcome Wizard: In this first screen, you can see a video explaining the tools available in Photoshop Elements. You can choose the option that best suits your needs.

Organize: You can find the Organize tools on the left of the screen. You can insert and remove pictures and organize your photos, PDFs, and files in their folders.

Select: In this first screen you can see a tool to select different parts of an image to put them in different layers.

Flexi-pen Tool: You can find the Flexi-pen tool on the left of the screen. With this tool, you can mark multiple points, rotate and adjust your shape.

Erase: It is the simplest tool in the toolbox. With this tool, you can erase the unwanted parts of your image.

Pixel: This tool helps you select the area of your images

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The Healing Brush function makes it easy to repair minor image artifacts without having to sharpen the image.
The Magic Wand tool allows you to select an object without having to determine its precise boundary.
The Pen Tool is used to create calligraphic strokes, such as the one used for the Disney logo.
The Spot Healing Brush allows you to identify and repair any areas of lost or damaged pixels.
The Text tool allows you to create basic shapes, such as headers, signatures, and buttons. You can also edit text, as well as format the individual characters.
Filter lets you apply various effects, such as brightness, contrast, and color, to your image.
Feature Layer allows you to organize layers, by creating a group for each of the layers you’re working on. You can drag elements from one group to another, and apply the same effects to each group. You can also create a group based on an effect, such as a “Heads” group for your portraits.
The Crop Tool can be used to crop the edges of images. You can choose from a variety of preset crops, including landscape, portrait, and square.
The Spot Healing Brush, or Healing Tool, allows you to identify and repair areas in your image that are part of an object or pattern that is not visible in your preview.
The Magic Wand tool allows you to select an object without having to determine its precise boundary.
The Selection Brush is used to select pixels, shapes, or text in your image.
The Magic Eraser tool can be used to remove or fix portions of an image that you’ve selected.
The Eraser tool allows you to delete the object or area you’ve selected.
Photoshop Extensions are additional tools that you can install. They’re most frequently used for adding effects, but you can also use them to retouch images, edit text, and add effects.
When you’re using the Brush tool, you can change its size and pressure to achieve different effects. For example, the size can be varied to create a soft or hard-edged stroke, while the pressure is used to stroke a path, rather than to make a selection. The Eraser tool can be used to erase either a selected area or the entire layer.
When you use the Select tool, you can select a color, size, or shape. The Crop tool can be used to crop the edges of your image. The Brush tool can be used to

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