Windows Server 2016 2016

A key component of Microsoft's Cloud Platform, the Windows Server operating system has a come a long way to become what it is today: a powerful, robust and scalable solution for the enterprise environment.
Developed alongside Windows 10, the Windows Server 2016 edition focuses on cloud-computing, providing the scalability and the enhanced security your business requires to thrive. Its goal is to facilitate automation and virtualization, transforming data centers and adapting them to today's ever-increasing business needs.
The latest developments Microsoft implemented in the 2016 edition empower the server operating system to support higher workloads and facilitate cloud-based operations.
Aiming to become a more flexible and cost-effective data storage and management center, Windows Server 2016 delivers software-defined computing and Azure-inspired technologies for storage and networking. In fact, Windows Server 2016 leaves the traditional hardware-based storage solutions behind, adopting software-defined storage (SDS), an innovative approach that can simplify infrastructure, storage management, and control without compromising security or performance. The major advantage is related to the cost of SDS, which is significantly lower than that of SAN or NAS storage solutions. Furthermore, Storage Replica delivers robust data recovery options.
It is a known fact that data security is one of the priorities of any organization. Focusing on prevention, security features in Windows Server 2016 are designed to protect both customers and employees by implementing new capabilities to detect suspicious activity. New identity management options, shielded (Bitlocker-encrypted) virtual machines, Code Integrity checking, and the Control Flow Guard, along with secured Hyper-V containers ensure sensitive data is safeguarded at all times.
The 2016 iteration brings a whole lot more improvements in important areas. It implements networking features inspired by Azure, comprising distributed firewall protection to enforce security layers, as well as advanced networking policies for load balancing, routing, DNS management, gateway, and more.
Running and deploying applications is easier with Windows containers or the Nano Server. The latter is available as a standalone download option that has a significantly smaller footprint and only encloses the essential features you need, which directly impacts the boot time and the operating speed. Moreover, automation and remote management can be implemented thanks to PowerShell and DSC (Desired State Configuration). All in all, the Nano Server deployment option, alongside other important features implemented in Windows Server 2012, marks the shift to the cloud-ready environment of the future.







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Designed for the cloud age, Windows Server 2016 is the next generation of Windows Server. Its goal is to deliver a smarter, cloud-optimized operating system that supports hyper-converged, cloud-based, hybrid, and virtualized workloads.
It is made for your business, with your needs in mind.
It will help you adapt, manage, and secure applications, data, and resources from any device, anywhere, in any cloud.
The latest features enable a more agile workforce and a secure environment.

– XML Metadata Service (XDS)
XML metadata for external content is used for connecting external objects (metadata) to an external XML source.
XDS can be used to allow the automatic registration of external XML data by the application.
XDS can be used for reference between XML data and external content.

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– DFS (Distributed File System)
DFS is a Microsoft Windows File System service that allows file and folder sharing among Windows computers that are on the same computer network and provides storage in which files and folders can be stored.

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– eFS or eDFS
eFS is used as a basic file system but allows for a more advanced user of the system. It is named eDFS (Extensible DFS) and is the predecessor of NTFS. It is used to improve the security of files and folders.

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How to Login to Windows Server 2016

There are two ways of logging in to Windows Server 2016 using the Server Manager. Either by using your user account or by using a domain account.

Logging in using a Windows user account:

Right-click on the server in the Server Manager and select “Remote Server Administration”

Select “Windows PowerShell (CMD)” to open the PowerShell windows

Log in to the server using your username and password

Log in to the server using a domain account:

Right-click on the server in the Server Manager and select “Remote Server Administration”

Select “Remote Server Administration tools” to open the PowerShell windows

Log in to the server using the domain account and the

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Key features:
Data Protection:
In-Box Encryption
Storage Replica
BitLocker Encryption
Support for Azure Pack
Code Integrity
Code Integrity – Code Analysis:
Add-on (Security Solutions Update)
Code Integrity – Mitigation Tools:
Add-on (Security Solutions Update)
Code Integrity for 64-bit platform:
Add-on (Security Solutions Update)
Code Integrity for Server Core:
Add-on (Security Solutions Update)
Add-on (Security Solutions Update)
Encryption Algorithm Support:
Add-on (Security Solutions Update)
Integrity Algorithms:
Add-on (Security Solutions Update)
Layered Encryption:
Add-on (Security Solutions Update)
Zero Client Access License
Zero Server Core License
Zero Server Message Block (SMB) License
Zero Server Terminal Services License
Free Windows Server 2012 with SP1 Service Pack 1 (x86-32 and x64):
Zero Server Message Block (SMB) License
Zero Server Terminal Services License
Zero Client Access License
Zero Server Core License
Four Windows Server images
Three Server Core images
Nano Server
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
Installing Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Cracked Accounts on Windows 8.1
When you install Windows Server 2016 on Windows 8.1, you get the new Windows Server 2016 operating system that provides a modern, server-grade experience for your network and server.
You can install this version of the Windows Server operating system onto a PC that:
Has Windows 8 installed
Has Windows 7 installed
Has Windows Server 2012 installed
Has Windows Server 2008 R2 installed
Windows Server 2016 key features:
Support for solid-state disk (SSD)
The Microsoft BitLocker Drive Encryption capability built into Windows Server 2016 makes it simple to protect your data with hardware-based encryption. This capability is included with the new operating system, and you don’t have to buy a third-party encryption solution.
How to encrypt data on an SSD or conventional hard drive:
Beginning with Windows Server 2012, all client operating systems support local BitLocker encryption on local (non-networked) storage.
With Windows Server 2016, Microsoft BitLocker supports local, network-based encryption on local (non-networked) storage.
How to encrypt data on a network

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Provides the essential components, including Hyper-V, Storage, Hyper-V, and Networking, to operate virtual machines.
Keeps Windows Server history, information, and settings.
Backup data into Azure Site Recovery for disaster recovery.
Establishes, maintains, and manages network security.
Enables LAN file sharing and advanced VPN functionality.
Understand and control the settings of multiple virtual machines at the same time.
Monitors, logs, and troubleshoots Hyper-V sessions.
Features and Benefits
Windows Server 2016: Complete virtualization solution for Windows Server
High-performance, innovative, and extended capabilities for advanced server virtualization
Enhanced security and data protection
Upgraded networking and management options
Windows Server 2016 is here! The latest version of Windows Server delivers the most secure and flexible solution. With its extensive technology offering, high-performance for advanced virtualization, and updated networking and management features, Windows Server 2016 enables your business to benefit from the best in cloud computing technology. It is available in a traditional and virtualized install option with on-premises and online deployment.
Windows Server 2016 delivers many features and benefits to enterprise IT that will help them create and manage their Windows-based data centers to provide a more integrated, secure, automated and efficient operation. With its unique capabilities in server virtualization, advanced security, data protection, networking, and management, Windows Server 2016 can cater to the needs of every organization in their way towards the cloud.
Microsoft will continue to deliver innovative and powerful new features for Windows Server 2016, including HDX 3D in Hyper-V, that enable organizations to deliver the most immersive computing experiences, such as Xbox in Windows.
Windows Server 2016 delivers:
Support for all new hardware and software technologies
New hardware and software capabilities
Support for all new data center scenarios
Updated management functions and security
Enhanced Windows Server for the cloud
Windows Server 2016 combines business continuity management with Microsoft Azure infrastructure services (IaaS) and Windows Server virtualization options to help organizations today and tomorrow.
With traditional hardware and software technologies becoming older and less reliable, Windows Server now provides the most cost-effective and secure data center platforms to support the latest technologies.
Because of its focus on virtualized workloads, Windows Server can easily be managed through Azure.
As organizations move towards cloud computing, Windows Server helps them discover, adopt, and deploy the optimal cloud solutions, right from their local datacenter.
Windows Server 2016 will eliminate the need

What’s New In?

The most recent iteration of the Windows Server family, bringing a new vision to the enterprise landscape.
Adopts a hybrid compute pattern that combines cloud and physical-based options, ensuring scalability and high-availability.
Supports the latest hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) techniques and provides physical machines with a virtual-machine-oriented view, enabling providers the maximum flexibility to meet evolving business needs.
Implements advanced networking capabilities inspired by the Azure Cloud, consisting of distributed firewall protection, advanced routing, load balancing and DNS Management.
Deploys and runs applications in a software container container, protecting data at all times and simplifying operations.
Launches a Nano Server version, a lightweight Hyper-V container that also provides monitoring and management capabilities.
Introduces a fundamental change to the Windows Server identity architecture, enhancing performance and security
Windows Server Operating System:
One of Microsoft’s most important pieces of software and the most mature platform for enterprise computing.
Offers a robust security solution and easy management capabilities. It is known for its commercial availability, ease of implementation and a breadth of supported services
Windows Server 2016 Hardware:
Onboard hardware features dual-core Intel® Xeon® processors. The mainstream edition has E5-2600 v3 (Sockets R14 – J3, 3.4 GHz – 4.5 GHz, 6 cores per processor) while the high-end edition has E5-2600 v4 (Sockets R14 – J4, 3.8 GHz – 4.4 GHz, 6 cores per processor). The enterprise edition offers single core, dual-core (Processor E5-2600 v3, 3.8 GHz – 4.0 GHz, 6 cores per processor) and quad-core processors (Processor E5-2600 v4, 3.8 GHz – 4.4 GHz, 6 cores per processor).
A choice of 32 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB DDR3 SO-DIMM in either 2 KB or 4 KB burst in option, for up to 512 GB of memory.
Features up to 72 GB of memory with dual DIMM slots.
Support for Intel® Gen X-based processors.
Windows Server 2016 Software:
The latest release of the Windows Server operating system, with major improvements in important areas.
Adopts a hybrid compute pattern that combines cloud and physical-based options, ensuring scalability and high-availability.
Supports the latest hyper-converged infrastructure (

System Requirements For Windows Server 2016:

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